Founder of Sinsaenum – about death of Joey Jordison

Two months ago, Frédéric Alexandre “Fred” Leclercq (ex-bassist of DragonForce and founder of Sinsaenum) spoke to Impact – this interview recently appeared on the public domain and in it, among other things, Frédéric answered a question about whether he knew the cause of Joey Jordison’s death:

“It’s not for me to discuss it. Of course I know. I’m just saying it’s not my right. The family asked for confidentiality at that point, and I respect that. It’s just very sad.”

When asked how he would characterize Jordison’s legacy, Frédéric, a former DRAGONFORCE member who now plays bass in KREATOR, said:

“For me he was more than a musician. He was first and foremost a friend to me. I lost a friend who was only 46 years old, and it hurts. He was an amazing musician, not only a drummer, he also wrote amazing songs. And we were lucky enough to play together. It was great.

I created SINSAENUM. He contacted me. We were looking for a drummer. Everything fell into place. He came up with the name [a combination of the words “sin” and “insane”]. The last gigs he played with us; that’s the last thing he did.

I have a column in Young Guitar magazine in Japan, and I was doing it yesterday, typing it up, and I just remembered that the last song he ever played was [SINSAENUM] “My Swan Song,” and I guess that’s the title… And that’s the song he really loved. I remember he said: “Yeah.” He felt something about it. So it’s a little strange to think about it now. That’s why I listen to that song over and over again.

I’m still getting over the fact that he’s gone.”


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