Brian May about challenges of pandemic

BRIAN MAY (lead guitarist of the legendary band Queen) discuss the challenges the pandemic has posed to people in a recent interview:

“Yes, we’ve been through a lot. And I should be grateful that we exist at all. The final blow, after all the physical problems, was the flooding of the house, so that was kind of the final shot, because an event like that takes away your sense of security as you stand by helplessly, watching your innermost possessions being swallowed by the muddy slurry. And I’m still trying to recover from it. But it’s kind of interesting what something like that does to your psyche…”

May also revealed that he’s still busy with QUEEN-related business, including preparing for the band’s upcoming tour.

“A lot of things are still going on out of the public eye. QUEEN never dies, really. And I should be very grateful for that. And the band never sleeps – we’re constantly doing something, rearranging something. I’m sitting in the studio right now, where I recorded a lot of my solo material, where we also worked very hard on QUEEN’s last album, “Made In Heaven”. And there’s something going on all the time. We’re remixing, rewriting, re-packaging, because there’s a constant demand – thank you for that – from people who want to see old material brought up to date. So yeah – we keep working, and we’ll definitely show up on stage. I’m working on my fitness, which is the best thing I can do here and now. I’m working very, very hard, because next May we’ll be hitting the road again, hopefully continuing the world tour that we interrupted when COVID came along.”


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