Cover of “Entre dos Tierras” by Rammstein may be in a new Album


According to the Spanish newspaper Heraldo de Aragón, Rammstein have recorded a cover of the song Entre dos tierras by the Spanish rock band Héroes del Silencio. The paper also claims that the song will be included on their upcoming album, which they say should be released ahead of their world tour.

Till Lindemann has publicly expressed his admiration for Héroes del Silencio and the band has been well known in Germany since the 90s. Rolling Stone ranked “Entre dos tierras” number 47 of the top 200 pop and rock songs in Spanish. Seven years ago, Till said in an interview with Rafabasa: “I love Héroes del Silencio, ‘Entre dos Tierras’ is great, it’s one of my favorite songs, we should definitely cover it.” The song was also included in the 2021 playlist compiled by Rammstein for their Balenciaga collection.

Juan Valdivia, guitarist for Héroes, is happy with Rammstein’s version. “They are a powerful band and we are very happy that they liked the song so much that they covered it, although I also think it is a very good work of all the tribute bands that we had. We had a certain impact in Germany, and I understand where it came from. They sent it to me and it worked out really well. Is it shocking that it’s in Spanish? No man, in Germany they sing in Spanish too, we did the same thing thirty years ago.”

Heraldo de Aragón claims that Rammstein’s version is close to the original, but sped up the riffs and shifts the arrangement to Lindemann’s style to the point that those unfamiliar with Heroes and Rammstein might think the song is German. The song has become more straightforward, the guitars have less harmony, it is simpler and more clear. The drum sound hasn’t changed.

Pedro Andreu is the drummer for Héroes, sounds about the same.
“The Rammstein version is a gift, really amazing, I love it. I hope they come to Spain soon, I will be there; besides, a few days ago I talked about it with Enrique (Banbury, vocals) and he told me that he was honored with their version.


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