SIX FEET UNDER vocalist: “I watched your death metalists’ round table, it made me sick.”


SIX FEET UNDER vocalist Chris Barnes shared his impressions of watching A Death Metal Round Table hosted by Staypuft Mallow and featuring George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, Trevor Strnad of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, Chase Mason of GATECREEPER and Alex Jones of UNDEATH.

“I just watched a ‘death metal’ podcast on YouTube from about a week ago featuring the ‘best’ death metal vocalists … it made me physically sick. I despise what the genre has become.”

Some time later, HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta, host of the popular “The Jasta Show” and co-producer of Fisher’s forthcoming debut solo album, replied:

“Come on over to the podcast and we’ll discuss,” to which Chris replied:

“No thanks, bro. I don’t need to join your circle, guys.”

Jasta responded with “Weak,” to which Barnes countered:

“I’m not here to play this game. Have fun, bro.”

Jasta then wrote, “You’re the one playing games, you ‘hate what the genre has become,’ but have you ever promoted or discussed new bands or tried to help develop the genre?”

This prompted Chris to respond, “lol, promoting lol hahahahahaha.”

Jasta parried, “Oh yeah, that’s beneath you,” to which Barnes replied:

“Nah, I’m just not a PR guy…”


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