Can you buy Till Lindenmann’s NFTs?


Cryptocurrency has always been a common topic since Bitcoin entered our world. But
over the last years, it was not Satoshi Nakamoto’s project that grabbed all the attention –
it was Ethereum. Because it is a unique blockchain platform that allows smart contracts,
it is a much-preferred option. But smart contracts weren’t a topic of discussion until
NFTs became prevalent.

NFT art exploded over the last twelve months, with thousands of artists from around the
world joining this entertaining yet speculative world. Celebrities such as Till Lindemann’s
got their hands on this market. But what makes this a unique opportunity for artists
around the world?

What is NFT?

NFTs are unique, non-fungible tokens. They can be transferred and traded, much like
crypto-collectibles — crypto kitties, for example. As more people buy and sell them,
these items become more liquid. Tokens can be transferred to any product that uses a
blockchain — even in real life. Imagine purchasing a digital token worth $200, which
grants you access to a concert or a private club with selected members only.

This grabs the attention of celebrities with huge fanbases who could profit from

Till Lindemann’s art collection of NFTs

Now you can dine with Till Lindemann, lead singer of the industrial metal band
Rammstein, thanks to a new crypto-collectible! You can find this rare NFT on the
Ethereum blockchain — and only 10 of them exist. Each one is an ERC-721 token that
Till himself has signed. In addition, he will be your chef for the evening — prepared to
take orders for anything from steaks to sushi.
Of course, you cannot pay with fiat currency, and you should use an Ethereum
to purchase the package.

The Storyline

The first NFT to be auctioned was a one-shot music video of an orchestral version of
Lindemann’s ‘Любимый город’ [Beloved Town]. The music video premiered at the State
Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Lindemann’s NFTs are a great example of how NFTs can be more than just digital
assets. Each collectible is presented with a unique portrait shot by Lindemann himself,
which allows creators to take full advantage of the medium’s potential for creativity.

Through a series of highly visual, personalized animated clips and one-shots,
Lindemann’s NFTs invite fans to get lost in the surreal and moody aesthetic of his music
and personality.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Till Lindemann is like a modern-day renaissance man. He’s a conductor, a visual artist,
and of course, the frontman for German metal band Rammstein, who are known for
their unique musical instrumentation and bombastic live shows. With their latest album,
“Liebe ist für alle da”, German became the second most spoken language in the world,
thanks to its international hit single “Pussy”.

He never seems to escape from media attention, and his scandals are notorious.

Lindemann will be held responsible for the video clips shown in the NFT collection. It
has recently been subjected to pressure from Russian authorities. The State Hermitage
Museum in St. Petersburg, where the NFT videos were shot without permission, is
considering legal action against Till Lindemann, citing a breach of contract and
copyright infringement. The videos were shot without “green light” from the museum
and according to Russian sources, the German would never receive a positive answer.

According to Mikhail Piotrovsky, the whole act can be described as vandalism and art

NFTs as a piece of art

The digital world is a place where everything can be copied and shared with the click of
a button. The internet has made it so easy to share content, especially music that’s
been illegally downloaded or recorded without permission from artists.

However, this means anything created digitally could potentially infringe on someone
else’s copyright if they do not have their consent for use in an NFT collection. This
includes photos taken by people at concerts who might want to sell them later as well as
any other type of intellectual property used in an NFT collection.

NFTs are no different from any other piece of art, thus ownership rights should be


All NFTs from Till Lindemann have been purchased. And while he cashed in about 1
million euros, he is yet to see the problems which we will face with the Hermitage where
he shot the illegal footage that he eventually sold.


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