Big Ban – Babe Extended play in 2021


Social networks dictate how we look, what we say, and what filters we use to post our photos…
More rules? What if I want to be me? Because only when we’re alone with our music are we truly sincere.
And by including Big Ban songs, we remove all restrictions and all bans!

Big Ban is a musical collective from Moscow, founded in 2018 by Oleg Piskunov and has the status of an international project.

“We have a fantastic vocalist from Italy – Giacomo Rossi. Now, because of the quarantine, we are working with Konstantin Skripalyov, an actor and vocalist who has sung in productions of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “The Phantom of the Opera” in Moscow.”

Big Ban’s fantastic vocals, aching lyrics and melodic choices take your breath away. At times ironic passages that wink at us from the songs.
Interestingly, the musicians intentionally do not use drop-string guitar, “chemistry” and sound crystallization. Unwilling to dust off trampled trails, they go not by the map, but by the stars.

“Our passion is Heavy Metal, Music is our love!” – that’s the motto of Big Ban, who don’t mind sharing those very feelings with each of their listeners. The band’s music has already conquered the media space of Russia and Europe, being played on a number of radio stations in Moscow, Paris, London and on the national television of Serbia in a documentary about the Russian artist Sofia Jecina.

The band has a debut EP “Babe” recorded at Nazarovstudio (Nazarov Music Entertainment) under the direction of Dave Charmer. The mini-label includes 4 tracks available for listening on Big Ban’s official resources.


  1. Keep on Loving
  2. Well, ok
  3. Dark and Bright
  4. Slow Snow

The band members don’t plan to stop there and are already preparing a new musical surprise for their fans.

“We have our second EP coming out, which is called “Fallen King”. It’s an epic release, it will be closer to traditional Heavy Metal, but there will be a lot of room for experimentation! Right now we’re experimenting with balalaika, inviting Oleg Piskunov, the famous soloist of “Russia” band named after Lyudmila Zykina, winner of international and national contests, to participate.”

Some of the new tracks are already available on the band’s Soundcloud channel

Also in the near future the music and charisma of Big Ban members will be open to all comers at a concert on May 23 in Bolivar Bar (Chistye Prudy, Moscow) from 6pm!

Is it possible to love today, when our pendulum swings from safe clichés to forbidden co-dependencies!
When love has become available, but unattainable – the music of the Big Ban will answer all your questions, dispel all fears and doubts. That’s the way it is and no other way.

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