After New York sell out, Rammstein may tour U.S.

Considering that the band hasn’t performed in the United States since 2001 — and that it’s completely under the radar of the mainstream concert business — conventional wisdom would say that landing a date at the storied arena would be one hell of a long shot.

Or maybe not. Not only is Rammstein booked for a December 11 show at the New York venue, the act sold out in about 30 minutes.

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  1. I definitely hope Rammstein tours the US and comes to California. They are my absolute favorite EVER and I would love nothing more than to see them soon 🙂

  2. I called right at noon (11am central), was on hold for 15 minutes then I managed to get 2 tickets to see Rammstein live in NEW YORK CITAY!!! Woooo! I am so excited, haha.
    For everyone who reads this and is going to see Rammstein @ Madison Square Garden December 11th, 2010, SEE YOU THERE!!!

  3. As one who tried & failed to get tickets, I can tell you that the sellout was actually in half that time. And not only did I try but so did 2 friends (from their very high speed office computers, right in NYC). I jumped over to an online ticketing site and, tho I HATE ticket sellers, got a pair (200% mark up after only 30 minutes!). Hope this overwhelming show of demand has convinced the powers that be at Rammstein & their label that there is a GREAT need for them over here. Can’t wait, just a week & a day!

  4. Im sure theyve got something in store for us Amerikan fans. All the signs point to it, we just have to wait for our gods to give us the news. Rammstein fur immer!!!

  5. Im one of the lucky ones to get tickets and man were they hard to get…..but its worth it all ive heard from many viewers who went to previous concerts that it was the bomb…and i have to say i can not wait till dec 11 to finally see my most favorite band of all time….way to go guys! and i hope they tour america but if they paly in other venus ill go again

  6. C’mon, bring Rammstein to Amerika! They’ve got to come to North Eastern Oregon so that I can see them to!!! Wayhoo Rammstein! Lebe Rammstein für immer!

  7. Man, You really know how to put the message across. I’m looking forward to when they will return to Australi in January, 2011

  8. It’s time for Rammstein to invade the us. Let everyone know how shitty American music is with the best live show in the history of music! Booyah!


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