1. They actually came to Quebec City this past summer. This will be their second show in Canada this year. Lucky bastards, we in the States only get one show lol 😀

  2. Hell yeah, this is gonna be the sickest show ever…first time they come back since like 2001 right? Thank god, I was in need to see my two favourite bands: The Devil Wears Prada and Rammstein…and they both are coming! Rammstein is gonna be even more epic since it’s gonna be 3 days before my 18th birthday hehe 😀


  3. So was there a presale for this event? Also I wonder why they didnt sell them through Ticketmaster Canada. Maybe theyre trying to stop the ridiculous inflation of their tickets. Ticketbastard sold huge amounts of tickets to brokers even before it went for sale to the general public.

  4. This is just insane… first the Quebec concert, then New York and now Quebec again!? They know they have fans on the west coast too right?!

  5. As the concert date approaches ticket prices are only going to get higher. I paid $200.00 American for a floor ticket. I’m happy:) I get to see my favorite band.

  6. Wow floor tickets for only 155. I got the last of the Madison Square tickets for $230 and they’re nose bleeds.

  7. It was the actual public sale. Yes, it is all sold out at the Bell Centre, but there are other sites where people are selling their ticets. Some are at absurd prices, like 1000$ for 2 tickets, but I was able to get a floor ticket for 155$


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