5 Ways to Meet a Hard Rock Musician

Rockers are some of the hottest and most exciting people to be around. It’s no wonder that so many people want to meet and date them. That might be easier said than done because these individuals are very elusive. Still, if you keep the right mindset, it’s completely possible to meet up with a hot hard rocker!

  1. Meet and Greets
    The first possibility for meeting a hard rocker is also the most direct: you can go to a meet and greet. A meet and greet will usually put you right in front of your rocker of choice, allowing you to get close, ask questions, and talk about yourself. You will want to make a good impression here, but it’s also not out of the question if you were to slip a band member your phone number.
  2. Local Dating Services
    Band members travel from city to city, and they’re always looking for company. Using an online dating site for your nearest city, you can find men looking for women with ease. Although most rockers aren’t going to advertise their fame on a dating service, it’s possible to browse sites and see if any of these guys throw up tell-tale signs that they’re the real deal. Keep an eye on a band’s tour dates and see if you notice any interesting profiles online. They might want to keep things online or meet up; be prepared for anything.
  3. Become a Groupie
    Becoming a groupie is going to be difficult, but if you really want to get close to your favorite band, then this is the way to go. A groupie is someone who travels show to show, following the band across many cities in hopes that they will get noticed and score some face-to-face time with the band. The thing to keep in mind is that you’re going to end up traveling a great deal, and there is no guarantee you will get recognized. The benefit is that no matter what, you get to go to various festivals and meet all sorts of amazing people along the way.
  4. Find Their Local Haunts and Hang Out
    Every rockstar has a place where they hang their hat, throw back a few drinks, and rub elbows with the regular people. You can find the place by learning about celebrity sightings of band members. Then, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. The only problem with this situation is that rockers tend to go to some exclusive places, and you’re not always going to be invited to them.
  5. Request an Interview on Behalf of a Fan Club
    Finally, you can become a member of a fan club based on your band of choice and use that position to get closer to the band. It doesn’t happen extremely often, but some of the larger fan clubs in existence can get interviews with rather large bands. Work your way up the ranks of the fan club, meet the right people, and see if you can score an interview. Then, you only have to give them your number to get a little closer or conduct a very professional interview.

Getting in contact with band members is not that difficult if you know what you’re doing. You will have to show quite a bit of dedication, though. That might be traveling long distances, or you might just need to spend some time building an online dating profile. All of the methods mentioned here should help you along your path to talking with or dating a hot rocker!


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