Till LINDEMANN will perform at the Spasskaya Tower Festival


Till Lindemann, will become a special guest of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival. He will perform on Red Square on September 4 and 5, 2021, at 20:00.

Tickets are on sale on the Official Website.

Spasskaya Tower is a music fiesta, staged on the background of the monumental walls of the Kremlin, and a ‘battlefield’ of the bands from different countries fighting for the love and admiration of the audience. The harmonious combination of military, classical, folk and popular music, military band parades and dance shows, laser and pyrotechnical effects makes the Festival one of the brightest and most memorable events of the year.


  1. Was sagst du da? That’s no good news at all. Dein Glück ist nicht mein Glück ist mein Unglück.

    Ich bin enttäuscht, total enttäuscht! Was ich liebe, das wird verderben. And so on.

    We (I, us fans, Germany, Europe) have lost a great artist — A GREAT ARTIST — to this shitty neo-USSR regime of Russia’s. This, and the stuff he’s been doing for the past, what, year? IS SHIT.

    >Releasing the last live of the project with Tägtgren from Moskau, bist du doof?

    >Auch musste er das dumme Lied von der Stadt singen. (He also just had to sing that stupid Beloved Town thing).

    >And all the shit in Ich hasse Kinder (the song is great though, Praise Abort!), however ironic, only works FOR the regime in the end, do I have to explain why. My eyes bled, as did Lenin’s on this one. (FUCK LENIN.)

    >I have no idea what that Na Chui thing was about and don’t wanna find out..

    And now a MILITARY festival? With all the Russian shit going down?! Look, the war in Ukraine, where I come from, is just one thing, but Russia does shit ALL across Europe (Czech Republic, Georgia, the UK, Moldova..) And yes, USSR didn’t die, cos the ideology that nourishes it lives on.

    What surprises me is, he grew up in the Ostzone (GDR), so he MUST know how shitty it was. And the regime there was administered by, come on, the same bunch as in the USSR. And what about that Radio song now?! I thought it was exactly about how SHITTY it was back then.

    I wonder, did he get a Sputnik shot or something? Or is it that Loboda femme fatale that FUCKED his brains completely up? (it seems sometimes that Golden Shower goes too far and the piss gets inside your head, man!) Or is it Stockholm syndrome, plain and simple? Adoring what represses you. The DDR nostalgia. And of course, Russia is a Disneyland in terms of that.

    Does anyone hier have the same Angst, Wut und Sehnsucht as I? Ich hoffe nur dass ich nicht allein bin, verfickt nochmal.

    Hier ist doch ein kleines Gedicht für Till:

    Um Gottes Gnade, sei vorsichtig!!
    Tanzen mit Russen? Garnicht richtig.
    Kannst du mal etwas an’deres tun?
    Dumm bist du, oder einfach dun?

    • Dude, you are clearly some antirussian propaganda victim. Go visit Russia yourself and then make up your mind. Till loves Russia and is super popular there, which is why he so often goes there. And as an exGDR citizen he can have his own opinion on if it was bad or good.

      • Hallo Vallor! Just erwacht after my drinking binge. Yours of Aug 27 7:55 am received and contents noted. In reply would state:

        -Russia started a war with my country so yes, I am a propaganda victim, OR could I simply be angry that so many people are hurt and meanwhile everybody’s like, fine, Nordstream fucking zwei and well, all sorts of fraternising? I wonder.

        -not going to visit unless forced or there is an emergency, sorry.

        -Loves as in, »it doesn’t matter, I fuck you, fuck you from behind«? Russia is FAT, after all.

        -as an ex-GDR citizen he voiced his opinion in Radio, I think? I don’t know if you remember the lyrics, but the key images are: not allowed — to be allowed, basically — happy only a little, at night, listening to the thing quietly, to ‘such dangerous foreign notes’ they just had to forbid them. If that’s a description of a great living, I rest my frigging case.

        And then, well, »nicht alle denken was du denkst«, not everyone thinks the way you do, said Till in one of his poems (Sehr einsam mit Fischen) before he went off his rocker. Or maybe rather, nicht alle denken. Not everybody develops a habit to think which is totally fine except for the consequences. Tschüss.


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