JERRY CANTRELL: “Metal music plays an important role for me!”


JERRY CANTRELL (from Alice in Chains), in a recent conversation, answered the question if he composes something heavy between something soft and contemplative:

“Undoubtedly. It depends on the mood. We had a metal evening at my poker game last week. Over the past 18 years, when we started inviting friends to our home poker games, we have not been able to play them too often. Usually someone DJs, and we take turns. Well, last week there was only metal. This is great. He plays an important role for me! “

In 1996, answering the question that many metal bands of the time were obsessed with doing something heavy at the expense of creativity or originality, he said:

“I’ve always been interested in bands that do something heavy but don’t sound so obvious. There is something about having power and not showing it off. It’s not about getting out and kicking your ass, but about getting it smooth. Before you have time to look back, you will find yourself in a death trap, which you did not notice, because it was so smooth and seductive that you did not know about it until it covered you with your head. For me, gravity has nothing to do with how many speakers you have or how many decibels you give out. “


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