Rammstein talk about their forthcoming Greatest Hits



    Have heard a rumour of release date of November 26th, watch this space!!



    I assume late autumn will be November but i am still impatient about release date.
    Will give us something to look forward to during the long dark winter.

  • Andreas

    rbf yes i hear something about that the new emigrate album will release 2012 and will be more electric and dark.Richard prepare now this album.But now , where is mein land?official site writes that new song will release at late Autumn



    Yeah your right it is, i was so excited about the news and this was the nearest i could get to the subject.
    You do know who EMIGRATE are i assume or am i now being silly!!

  • amy

    that’s funny, I thought this was about Rammstein’s new album…silly me


    Hey all, i have heard a whisper that RICHARD is in the process of recording a new EMIGRATE cd.
    Anyone else heard anything or is it all rumour????



    Yeah i have heard its due for release in October but you can bet i will be the first to the shops to buy it.I am hearing so many different things. Just cant wait!!

  • Andreas

    rb fan
    I will buy a tickets late because i havent free time now.Maybe the band will not release a single we have 13 September where is the new video?i think the video will release October.


    Ah thats such a shame that you should miss out, Du Hast is a well known song worldwide.
    I can see why you are waiting patiently for the Greatest Hits album. I have now heard it will be October before its out but we will have to wait and see.

  • Andreas

    Greece. but i havent got a tickets .I dont think that rammstein will visit my country because the crowd on athems was too lame… many people here know only du hast


    Hey Andreas where are you from and have you got tickets for any concerts on the next tour.
    I am going to 02 in London in February 2012

  • Andreas

    yea me too i every day i visit many fan-sites and official about new stuff



    Yeah you are proberbly right but my pateince is at an all time low as seems ages since it was announced.
    I just cant wait to see some new stuff as i have worn the other CDs and DVDs out. Lets hope its soon.

  • Andreas

    richards biggest fan…..you have right but we must have a patient because now they release a the mein leben of flake today they are nominated for the best german band on metal hammer awards.i think that the next days they release mein land


    Its now September so WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE RELEASED!!!!!!
    I really cant wait and getting so impatient now. If ANYONE has some news then PLEASE PLEASE share it.

  • amy

    there’s nothing wrong with his hair!!

  • E-SE

    Somebody pls cut Schneider’s hair!

  • Courtney

    Cool. I really wish that the would release a brand new album instead of just old songs, but the compilation of music vids sound really good ^_^

    I really hope they come to Texas. Even if they don’t come to Houston, I’m VERY willing to hop on the Greyhound and go Austin or Dallas.

  • Jempy

    @Erin. I read somewhere (can’t recall where) that it is planned for release in september/oktober 2011. The new video should be released before that.

  • amy

    can’t wait for it to come out!!

  • Erin

    So im hearing all this stuff about the CD , but my question is WHEN IS IT COMING OUTTTTTTTTTT!???????????? Regardless of me having all the cds, i want this one, plus theres that new song that’ll be on it and the videos. F’CKING SWEET! does anyone know the date?? thank you!! 🙂

  • Sandman

    Oh drat A greatest hits is nice, but I was hoping for a new album. It will be 2013 or 2014 for a new album now 🙁 But hey Im not upset A greatest hits album is still good news!!!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    I love hearing Till speak in English! – L.E.G.E.N.D !!!!!

  • Glitzernde Sterne-Staub

    I love when Schneider speaks english, he’s really terrible on it and that’s awesome. And I’ve got a ticket..208 days left now!!

  • SPARTAN-45

    MY GOD!!!! Someone who can pronounce their name correctly! I can’t wait for this album!

  • Drama

    Well, we didn’t get more than we already know. But nice to see Till talking to the camera again… 🙂

  • Sheogath

    w00t 😀