Rammstein Tour dates for 2012 finally updated


I know it took some time, but we have eventually managed to update the Rammstein tour dates for 2012. Maybe you ask what is the value added in compare to the official page? Well, there is a link to forum discussion next to each tour date and this gives you the opportunity to discuss the concert in advance, meet other people going there, maybe organize some party before the gig and also make some comments after the concert.


  1. @NO-1-RAMM-FAN

    Hi again, just read your latest comment, love all the vids you mentioned (i am sure you know already but the girl kid on Engel is in fact Richards daughter!!)
    Yeah as for the spanking on Sonne i cant beleive that they all voted for the spanking to be received by Paul, would have thought they would all have enjoyed it lol!!
    Really love Richard in a suit in Ich Will he looks Sooooo sexy.

    No i do not have the LIFAD you speak of but have just ordered another limited edition of Pussy single.

  2. @NO-1-RAMM-FAN
    Think my last comment did noy get through the moderator for some reason.
    To answer your ? yeah Paul’s haircut is very unique isnt it but think he looks cute lol!
    i have mamy favourate videos so difficult to chose but love Pussy (obviously) Mann Gegan Mann, Sonne, Ich Will.
    Forgot to say your claim to fame is to have Richard touch you and mine is on the Volkerball DVD the camera is on me for all of 3 seconds, its towards the end of Ohne Dich on the Brixton Acadomy concert. That was the last concert i went to so am overdue to see them again.


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