North-American Dates Announced!


The official website as announced more tour dates for the “Made in Germany 1995-2011” tour, to be held in North America, from April 20th, 2012, until May 25th, 2012. Ticket pre-sales will be available over three weekends during the months of November and December. Members of the official community will be able to buy tickets a day earlier.

Here are the new dates of the tour. The official announcement can be found here, and the dates here.

20/04/2012 – USA – Ft. Lauderdale, FL (BankAtlantic Center)
21/04/2012 – USA – Tampa, FL (St. Pete Times Forum)
23/04/2012 – USA – Atlanta, GA (Phillips Arena)
25/04/2012 – USA – Baltimore, MD (1st Mariner Arena)
26/04/2012 – USA – Philadelphia, PA (Wells Fargo Center)
28/04/2012 – USA – Uniondale, NY (Nassau Coliseum)
29/04/2012 – USA – Worcester, MA (DCU Center)
01/05/2012 – CAN – Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
03/05/2012 – USA – Cleveland, OH (Quicken Loans Arena)
04/05/2012 – USA – Chicago, IL (Allstate Arena)
06/05/2012 – USA – Detroit, MI (The Palace of Auburn Hills)
08/05/2012 – USA – Minneapolis, MN (Target Center)
10/05/2012 – CAN – Winnipeg, MB (MTS Centre)
13/05/2012 – CAN – Vancouver, BC (Rogers Arena)
14/05/2012 – USA – Tacoma, WA (Tacoma Dome)
17/05/2012 – USA – Anaheim, CA (Honda Center)
18/05/2012 – USA – Glendale, AZ ( Arena)
20/05/2012 – USA – Denver, CO (Denver Coliseum)
22/05/2012 – USA – Dallas, TX (American Airlines Center)
24/05/2012 – USA – San Antonio, TX (AT&T Center)
25/05/2012 – USA – Houston, TX (Toyota Center)



  1. No Toronto?! They played a major venue the last time they were here to a large number of fans. Can’t believe that they would play Winnipeg over Toronto, is this Bizzaro World?!

  2. We are staying in a hotel, you would have to find a room. Got some gas money and your money for food? Also, what age and sex are you? That is a start.

  3. HEYYY! @Sic fan of Six Ram, you should totally give me a ride! I’m in Wichita, too. My life would be complete if I saw them live!

  4. =)Awesome, we will go early too and also stand in line. I do the pit at most concerts but I want to see everything I can see. 😀 Will keep an eye out.

  5. =) I will be there bright and early because I go pit tickets and I want to get up close. I was in front row in chicago. Stood in line for 12 hours. So whatever door is closest to the pit entrance is where I will be. The girl with the white mowhawk.

  6. @TRANSMUNDANE, WOW! Yes very close to Wichita, where do you live in the state of KS? Denver it is! I have seats in the lower section of pod 4, 128. Dark hair and dark eyes and I will have a special Rammsetin necklace on that I made from a key chain from the Chicago show. Awesome you got front row! I cant fcking wait! It will great to meet another fan from KS.

  7. @sic fan
    Really? Wichita? I thought I was the only one from KS who made the long drive to chicago last may. BTW FRONT ROW BABY! I will see you in Denver!

  8. Hey Spartan-45…. I thought the floor was all general admission? Or are you 9 rows back on the side like in section 110 or 124?

  9. @THEHUTT, I am pretty sure the sale starts at 10 am, but check the local venue to be sure. Congrats!!!! Littleluckylink, I hope the Deathstars support Rammstein in 2012 too. That would be awesome!

  10. HA… don’t worry, There is zero chance I’m missing it!!!
    Going to Cleveland… has there been an exact time announced what time tickets go on sale tomorrow?

  11. No, the show is different. Rammstein never fails to bring it, so I would not miss it if I were you. 😀

  12. Thx Courtney! It would be a dream come true for any Rammstein fan to do an interview, good idea!!!! IF only! I agree, sounds like they will also do another album and tour later. 😀

  13. @ Sic Fan: Congrats on your friend getting tickets! And I think that actual fans should get to interview the band members in a nice Q and A session. I know Till hates interviews, but doesn’t seem to mind if intelligent questions are asked.

    @Mike: Don’t worry. I think they’re gonna release a brand new album and tour that one (they hinted at it in the making of Mein Land video). If so, I’m sure that Toronto will make that date list.

  14. Courtney, I agree. Most of the interviews I have seen are horrible, along with the articles they write. I think the ones doing these interviews know noting about Rammstein. A friend of mine just got tickets for Detroit! Rock on!

  15. @ NO-1-RAMM-FAN

    As you are the only one i know who is going to 02 london in February, do you know if there is any news on pre-concert autograph signings??

  16. @John: It was purely wishful thinking on my part, lol.

    @Michelle: Yeah I don’t think so either.

    I really think the reason they don’t seem to like coming to the States is because the interviewers over here always seen to ask the boys stupid questions, be trashy flirts, or just annoy the hell out of them. I mean when they were in New York at some metal festival or something, NONE of the interviewers asked Till or Schneider a single intelligent question. It was incredibly frustrating to watch.

  17. “Hugs” to you both Michelle and Courtney! I have no idea who is opening, I have been digging with no luck! I hope we find out soon!!! 😀

  18. Thanks Fan 🙂 Glad both you girls are going to the shows! And I don’t think they would cancel on Houston, I think there’s lots of fans in TX.

  19. Awww, thanks for helping me keep hope alive Sic Fan! *hugs* Have they said who’s going to open for them on the NA half of the tour? Wishful thinking on my part but it’d be awesome if Eisbrecher opened for them X3

  20. Yeah Michelle! Courtney I will keep my fingers crossed they don’t cancel Houston! I am sure they will wait, as people still buy tickets later when they have money. I just got mine for Denver! STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. So happy I’m going to see them in Anaheim… I wonder if the setlist will be the same as they’re playing in Europe now.. ooh, can’t wait!

  22. Just bought my Houston ticket. Floor seat for the win! Best $109 I’ve ever spent!

    I hope Rammstein has a huge fan base here in Houston. My dad told me this morning that there was a chance that if the pre-sale tickets don’t sell a lot then they might cancel the Houston date T_T! I hope this doesn’t happen. Now I’m gonna be worried about whether or not they’ll come.

  23. @Michelle
    No i am not that guy from youtube lol, but you made me look him up xD
    I would say, register for newsletters from the venue that you want to get presale tickets from, and then you can get your presale code. Its allways better to buy from “ticketbastard” since its the faster way to get your tickets, you never know if the guy at the venue or at the ticketmaster location will actually take longer to find the tickets you want -_- play it safe, buy online and choose retail pick up 😉

    Rammstein doesn’t like the U.K. better, its just that its europe and more accessible to do a live show there. Since in order to have shows in the u.s. you have to ship ALL the fucking props and gear, sooo…. yeah. Plus, before the MSG show they didn’t know if it was worth it to spend all that money on coming to the U.S. , since they didn’t know if they had a large enough fan base. But they obviously do now 😛

  24. Did anyone get their LIFAD presale to work this week? Or was it just a presale from the Rammstein website? I was trying to get into the LIFAD part of the site but it’s been down all week. Wondering if you need a code for it or not…

  25. I think weather the U.K. loves Rammstein more then the U.S. is a matter of opinion. We cant control what songs they play here, but we LOVE to see them! I have been a fan for years!!!! Getting my tickets tomorrow, cant fucking wait!!!!

  26. Are they going to be playing the same setlist or will they now include Mein Land and Vergiss Uns Nicht? I hope they add Reise, Reise. That would be awesome.

  27. Hey John, aren’t you only supposed to buy tickets on ticketmaster or is it better from the Honda Center to get better seats?
    Btw, are you the IIntruder from youtube?

  28. By the way…if you go to ticketmaster, you can click LiveNation, type in the code “cowbell” and get tickets in the presale…sharing my love for other Rammstein fans…they have floor tickets and 100 level’s for Chicago at $104 a person (tax included). The 200 level seats are $60 each after tax. Good luck and hope to see you there!

  29. I’m a fanclub member…got my FLOOR tickets to Chicago show May 4, 2012, today! CAN’T WAIT! Will be my 3rd show…and nothing or NOONE beats Rammstein live! May be their last tour…so I’m stoked! If you haven’t seen Rammstein yet…do…you’ll never look at another concert the same! They are EPIC!

  30. best thing you guys can do is sign up for newsletters from the venue, they usually give out presale codes. Thats how i got mine for the honda center in anaheim. I said fuck the 25 euros, and got my code for free. Which is DUHAST and that is currently still going on.
    i know right, what a lame code xP of course its DUHAST -_- xD

  31. I saw the LIFAD tour. I went to the one in LA live at the forum. It looks like there aren’t major changes or improvements to the show. I mean they’re going to be playing most of the same songs and I saw some of the live concerts this past few days and the performances are the same, which is a bit disappointing. Is it really worth it?


  32. Yeah, error page on the LIFAD. Not sure if it’s because my membership is brand new and “in process” or if the site is down. What is the ticket limit for LIFAD fans and do they have seats near the stage or mainly floor? Anyone?

  33. I hope more US shows will be announced. the official site does say “As of today, 21 concerts have been confirmed for April to May 2012!”. judging by this statement it could mean that there could be more shows to be announced. I’m seriously crossing my fingers for a show in either Memphis, Tn or St.Louis, MO.

  34. I’ve got my LIFAD password and can log in, but can’t find where we get the presale password either – trying to get tix for the Detroit show – Talked with ticketmaster and they said a password will be required to get tix during the presale tomorrow – if anyone finds any info – please let us know!!! 🙂

  35. Hey Danny, on the song Bück dich, I guess we have to wait and see if the set list is the same for the U.S. Since our laws go from state to state and even county to county, who knows. I love it though so I hope its not banned if they do choose to play it here. I wish I could afford to go back to Chicago, but I will drive 8 hours to Denver, one way, lol. I feel very thankful to see them if I can.
    I hope everyone who wants to see them gets too. The Chicago show was like a meeting of United Nation fans, people from all over the U.S. and other countries. It was an amazing vibe!

  36. Is anyone else out there having problems getting into the LIFAD portion of the website? I purchased the membership but I get a 500 error when I try to login to LIFAD.

    I’d love to find out how LIFAD members go about buying tickets a day earlier than the presale… that would be tomorrow for the Tampa show! Any help would be much appreciated.

  37. Chicago and the Twin Cities? Awesome! Lucky to originally be from Milwaukee now living near Eau Claire, Wisconsin!

    I got to see them in Chicago last year and it was awesome. Hopefully I can go at least once more!

  38. Michelle: I hope that you could go to the show. 😉 I see them only twice, but the last one was freakin ass-kick. I loved to hear Sehnsucht and Links 2-3-4 for now (in the LIFAD tour I loved DRSG), they were very amazing. I think they should not play Ohne Dich, Mein herz Brennt and Mutter, sadly they wasn’t as good as on the album. 🙁 I was sick a bit at the end of the concert, so I had to sit down to the floor under Mein Herz Brennt. I have worked for 14 hours, I didn’t eat/drink anything before the concert, and finally I didn’t bring my money to buy some beer, so I was very-very stupid – but the show was amazing. 🙂

  39. Any word on the actual presale password for the tickets that will be sold this weekend. In particular for the anaheim one?

  40. well, I saw them twice, in New York last year at MSG, and a few months ago in Los Angeles at The Forum… dunno if my parents will let me see them again, but Anaheim IS closer than LA 🙂 *cross your fingers for me so I see Rammstein for the third time!!* 😀

  41. PHILLY!!!!!!! i loved it in NJ in may but now its even closer to me cant fucking wait RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol had to jump up and down when I seen this shit!

  42. I am once again going to Chicago to see my boys and then maybe a show in TX. This will be so wonderful to see the boys and the road trips are always welcome after a long hard winter! HURRY UP APRIL/MAY 2012!!!!

  43. I missed there short tour earlier this year but will not miss them in Denver Colorado in May 2012!!1 Can’t wait!!!

  44. Might be time to get a LIFAD membership, does anyone know if the LIFAD presale has decent level 1 seats or mainly floor?

  45. Does anyone know if the pre-sale tickets will be sold on Ticketmaster? Or do you have to go to the venue box office and purchase them?

  46. FUCK YEAH!!! I saw them in New York and it was freakin’ amazing. I had tickets for Vegas and didn’t make. I will see at least 2 of these… and like Spartan-45 said…why not Pittsburgh!!! Fuck Philly!(although I guess I will be going there!)

  47. OOOOhhhh, what I am I thinking, Denver is much closer to me. I live in Wichita. SOOOOO excited!!!!! Damn!:D

  48. Right On, and thank you Rammus, your very kind! Whoo hoo! Cant wait, must see if I can make Chicago again!!!


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