Flake’s House on fire this weekend

During the weekend there was a fire on the house of Christian “Flake” Lorenz, located in Liebenwalde, Brandenburg (Germany). Fortunately, despite the damage, no injuries or deaths were caused by the fire, whose cause was intentional and criminal.

The police managed to identify and capture the arsonist, a 28 years old male with a criminal record. After his escape, he had a fiery car crash near Flake’s house (which turned out spawning his capture). You can read the source here (in german).

However, we are please to announce that in spite of this predicament, we wish Flake a happy 45th birthday, and that everything gets back on track!


  1. what a prized NUMPTY …..lol

    that man is at the bottom of the chain of ALL living things lol!

    i rate tics-fleas and head lice higher than him HAHAH

  2. You really have to be WRONG in the head to try an burn down the house of a member from a band who are known for FIRE!!!!

    seriously – the person who done this should be ashmed of themselves! –
    WHY mess with the keyboard GOD Mr. Flake!

    I think R+ should take IT (as they are no human) prisoner on tour with them and set HIM/HER ON FIRE on stage !!!

    WOW FLAKES 45 ! – he dont look a day over 30 lol 😀 😀 !!!!


  3. Oh, poor Flake, it’s known that he has the most problems. I’m so glad the son of a bitch that burned Flake’s house got in a car crash then got caught by the police. Hope he gets the electric chair!
    Again, poor Flake, hope he had a good birthday.

  4. I call that karma in action! You burn down someone’s house and then you get involved in a fiery car crash. Good for him though! You don’t burn down Flake’s home and get away with it!

  5. I wonder if Rammstein arrived as firefighters to put out the fire, with their big firetruck. Killing lots of people along the way. To save flake who was about to jump off the roof. 🙂


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