New song titles for the upcoming album


The latest issue of Sonic Seducer is running an article on Rammstein that contains some song titles from the upcoming album:

  • Rammlied (Ramm-song) – will be a super heavy song, probably the album leading song
  • Pussy – will be half English, half German, similar to Amerika
  • Wiener Blut (Viennese blood) – ‘Mein Teil Part 2, this is Rammstein’s take on the Josef Fritzl case complete with a bombastic industrial metal racket chorus. More orchestral parts and even some strings demonstrate how the band’s sound has matured over the years.
  • Haifisch (Shark) – shall include some riffs similar to Depeche Mode
  • Ich tu’ dir weh (I hurt you)
  • Waidmann (Huntsman)
  • Mehr (More)

Add those to the one we already know (Liebe ist für alle da) and that brings us up to 8 tracks. Only three to go if history repeats itself.

More from the official source: The mix for the new songs has been completed in Stockholm. The album is moving within reach! In the new work Rammstein are also keeping to the same lucky number – 11 new titles! The band has finished shooting its first video, there have been photo sessions and first interviews.

One more info for all fans around the globe: the website is now active and later will probably include more materials than the current version.

Important UPDATE: Pussy seems to be the first single as the video is already done!

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  • joe

    which are the upcoming english album’s

  • Weskimoo

    wut happend to this site?:o

    “is this the end??”

  • Durden

    Hey Dave and David, where are getting your albums from, cause I would like to be the third Scotsman to get the album (If you guys are vying for first then I will have to be third, no fuckers gonna beat me to that)

    Yeah Schneider confirmed Rammlied would the opener in the UK’s Rocksound magazine this month

  • RammsteinAfrika

    Roter Sand ‘Red Sand’- they said its an acoustic song with orchestra

  • Rammsus

    hehe, ok dude 😉

  • Thrashmetalgod

    what the hell is roter sand? and rasmus…oh i mean rammsus….the name is Thrashmetalgod

  • Martin – no1.Ramm-Fan

    whatever the tracks are called…..THIS ALBUM IS GONNA BE MEGA….i am literally bursting at the seems whilst waiting for the new video let alone the album!!! come on YOU sexy german beasts !

  • RammsteinAfrika

    this is the tracklisting they put on wikipedia
    # Rammlied”
    # “Ich Tu Dir Weh”
    # “Waidmanns Heil”
    # “Pussy”
    # “B******”
    # “Haifisch”
    # “Wiener Blut”
    # “Mehr”
    # “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da”
    # “Frühling in Paris”
    # “Roter Sand”

  • Rammsus

    Trashmetalgod.. Duh!!


  • david

    I beg to differ dave! I believe I’ll be the first scot to get the album 😛 haha! I cant wait for it and the gigs. Im seeing them in barcelona 😀

  • Thrashmetalgod

    technically not…..Till adds that in for better effect and many of the real words in german dont have the rolled rs…..besies the puns and turns of phrases are lostin translation anyway

  • Rammsus

    Just say everyting with a long RRRRrrrrrr and its Gerrrman!

  • Paul M.

    As an american, i’m looking forward to another half english rammstein song, but the title is so so for me. I’ve been dying for another rammstein album since i bought volkerball a few years back. I know what i’ll be doing once this CD comes out, learning more German…hahaha.

  • Thrashmetalgod

    honestly….pussy being the first single doesnt surprise me, theyd wanna reach out to a large audience with their first single in nearly 4 years……the english mixed with german will make it good for the american and british market as well as the german one…..we will lap it up just like we did with amerika….but we want R+ songs in german really…from a fan standpoint….but it makes economic sense to get the wider world buzzing too

  • Dave

    I like the name Pussy 😛
    Also Rammlied sounds like it is going to be Brutal
    I’ll be the first Scotsman with the new album 😉

  • Rammsus

    Lets first hear the song pussy before we judge about it
    It could be the best song they have made 🙂
    They say Rammlied is the hardest song on the album.

  • ThomatoForce

    It’s right, Pussy and Rammlied are confirmed in interviews.
    I don’t like the title pussy either, it just doesn’t sound like a song Rammstein would make..

  • Sushi

    I agree with Durden, don’t like the name Pussy and Rammlied at all. Hope this info isn’t right.

  • ThomatoForce

    Then I’ll invite you! =D

  • Rammsus

    Yeah, you have to be friends with me to get acces to the blog ;-P

  • ThomatoForce

    Oh, and btw, I don’t see a blog on your hyvespage, ramsus. :S

  • ThomatoForce

    Ramsus, you have competitor! I’ll be the first dutchman to buyt the new single! =P
    And going with like 30 men in a bus to the concert, that’s awesome. i’m going with my dad. =P

  • laci


  • Durden

    Some of the songs have fairly disappointing titles, nothing as romantic as Mutter. which apparently this album is supposed to be more like:

    Rammlied sounds like it will be awful;
    Pussy – speaks for itself, could have sugar coated it at least;
    B******* – I hate bands that swear, assuming that is what the asterisks represent (I hope not), The Beatles never swore ’nuff said;
    I dont like place names in songs – dates them in my opinion.

    But the Hunter’s greeting and the shark ones sound cool (shark is far more ambigous than bloody ‘Pussy’.)
    I can’t wait, I just hate being disappointed: taste costs nothing.

    and if that is a bus of 25 to 30 Rammstein fans, that would be sooo cool!

  • Rammsus

    For all the dutch-Rammstein fans with us..
    You shoud read my blog on http://[email protected]
    There is some info bout the new album 😉
    Just invite me.

    Im really looking out for the new album, I hear very good things about it and the single liebe is fur alle da really Rocks, It was on you-tube again for 2 days.. But deleted again.
    I think Im the first person in Holland to run to the record shop and buy the new single ;-)))
    And can,t wait to see them live on december 6th in arnhem. Were going with a bus with 25 to 30 man 😉

  • Basstard22

    whahaha, well i can only say an fake XD i mean : look at the names or the parts from the lyrics, that’s nothing for rammstein XD

  • RammsteinAfrika

    a youtube video also mentions Seid Bereit, Ruhe Sanft and Freud und Leid as songs on the album….

  • ThomatoForce

    In the Aardschok magazine (Holland), there are some more titels:
    -Frühling in Paris.
    Oh, and btw, there is also stated that a song is called Waidman’s Heil, and not Waidmann.

    There is also some info ’bout some songs:
    -Pussy: Till sings ’bout his Bratwurst, which he puts in her Sauerkraut… XD
    -Wiener Blut is ’bout that case of Josef Fritzl in Austria.

    And Seid Bereit was also confirmed, right? So with this info, we have our 11 song titels!