RAMMSTEIN Song Leaked; Fan Sites Threatened With Legal Action

According to Laut.de, RAMMSTEIN’s management has threatened legal action against any web sites that post links to the copyright-infringing material. As a result, Europe’s largest RAMMSTEIN fan site Rammstein-Austria.com is currently directing all of its traffic to its forum. Other RAMMSTEIN fan sites have also reportedly been told to refrain from posting links to the song, which is expected to appear on the band’s new studio album.

In 2004, RAMMSTEIN’s management reportedly sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Berlin-based RAMMSTEIN fan site RammsteinFan.de demanding the removal of several copyrighted images and ringtones.

RAMMSTEIN recorded the initial tracks for the band’s new album in Los Angeles with Jacob Hellner and the production team of Ulf Kruckenberg and Florian Ammon. A studio was rented near San Francisco for the bulk of the main recording work.

Source: blabbermouth.net, laut.de


  1. Pilgrim is doing what they can to protect what Rammstein have done so far, but I agree with thrashmetalgod. Closing fansites is not the best option, though the leak could somehow hold back a little bit more, it is the FREE PUBLICITY that they are losing, and they should know better. They have no idea what fansites do for the bands, they can totally impulse record sales by informing people and help keep a strong fanbase.

    I hope they find a good solution, and the record comes out safe, Pilgrim shouldn’t watch out for people wanting to spread the new single, they should now move on and make sure no one gets to leak the WHOLE ALBUM, that’ll be worse.

  2. The fact is, they cant stop it now, they can close as many fan sites as they want. Its not their fault, itll be distributed on other sites and the fan sites shouldnt be held responsible for a few stupid people who post links. 99.99999% of fans wouldnt dream of posting a link or ruining what their favourite band have created, its a few stupid people who ruin it for everyone


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