Marilyn Manson Live at Echo Awards Featuring Rammstein


Rammstein will perform with Marilyn Manson his world hit The Beautiful People live at this year’s Echo Award show.

Marilyn Manson @ Echo Awards 2012
Marilyn Manson @ Echo Awards 2012

The Echo Awards 2012 will be broadcasted live at ARD channel on March 22nd, at 8.15 pm (Germany time). All fans can witness the performance at the same time via Live-Stream.




  1. Maya and Snake, fair enough. I must have missed the apology. Its too bad AIH suffers from back pain. I have migrains but its no excuse to be a bloody pissy asshole to others. Not their fault and all. Just my opinion. I agree, this has gone on too long. Thank you for the converstations and your time. Take care and carry on now. 😀

  2. @TillHammer
    If you read it, he knew it was a final joke, so he answered in the same terms. He doesn’t post every week, but from time to time, he does. I think everybody knows it, we even give shields to newcomers.

    I don’t think you can say we treat without respect to others, that’s not usual. And AiH apologized. Not going back to this again, I think it has no sense. 🙂

    Then it’s a very different type of site. I think our News section is great (even when we go off-topic), but I understand you like our Off-Topic section, I like it because it’s a big chaos. 😀

  3. ^Just approved your other post. Hadn’t check the back office for pending comments until now.

    Has for AiH’s attitude, I’ll just say that we have already talked to him once when he went too far. We also give him a bit of a slack because we know that he has cronic pain in his back.

    As for my rudeness… thats just how I roll. Get over it.

  4. Hello Maya, I had posted a comment in answer to your first post. It has not shown up yet. I may have left out a letter in my email. Not sure. In any case, the offened person I was referring too, is a male.

    The site I work on is for research purposes. I am sure my fellow colleagues would not appreciate it if I gave out this information. Some of them are Rammstein fans, but music is not what we are about. There are many boards as the site encompasses many subjects.

    I suppose I could have been a bit harsh. I do think the offender would do good to apologize to those they offended. All is fair in love and war. The off topic sections of converstation you are talking about are the most interesting, although I do enjoy the news. 😀

  5. @TillHammer

    She didn’t, I visited news section from time to time. 🙂

    If you visit us, you’d know, we are many times off topic and we use to be very nosey. Of course, you don’t have to answer, but which is your site?

  6. Opps, my bad. The afore mentioned offened person has posted in the forum. Just not in the mental diarrhea section. (what a lovely visual, hehe)This was on my first post, if and when it shows up. Whatever. Really I am a total non conformist. It’s running a site that makes me have the rules of respect for other posters. It’s a much different site and we have so many people that problems must be reported and sent in. I can not keep up with all the mental diarrhea, or silly willys or lunatic snakes. That IS a joke on my part. We are all deviants and I have a sense of humor too.

  7. Maya, I know your a mod, and I also know Snake is an adminstrator. I have not seen the person that AIH told to fuck off, post since then. You have the right to defend yourself and each other. Like I said, it’s ok if you and everyone else tolerate that kind of behavior. Maybe this person who was offended will post soon. I hope they don’t let it stop them. I don’t see too many people joining. It seems you have a your own little group. Nothing wrong with that.

    Where I come from, we treat all online participants with respect, because behind every user name is a person with feelings. Jokes are great, if everyone knows its a fucking joke. If not, they should be told. Assuming makes an ass out of you, and an ass out of me. If you fuck up, and everyone does because we are human, own it and apologize. Simple. Not a pity. Just common sense. No victims here.

  8. @Snake Killjoy!!!!

    JODER!!!! Don’t kill the fun… Here, Snake the King of lunatics, I wanted him to join us… now, one less victim.

  9. Don’t listen to her, its Aprils fools. There are no admins nor mods in the forum. We are just a bunch of lunatics who take joy from making others feel like shit, and we post all in sweet anarchy.

  10. 😀

    A pity you don’t like the forum, I’m Maya, a mod there. Snake is an Administrator on forum and he updates Aff news, English and Portuguese.

    We try to let everybody express themselves freely, we aren’t very strict. AiH usually doesn’t behave like that, only happened twice, you can judge him for those two, but I think you would be wrong and be sure mods were there, maybe we have different lines, but be sure that if somebody crosses the line, would find us in front, that have happened already.

    AiH and Snake have their own way of expression, regular members know them and usually don’t care about it. Both of them are very, very nice guys, believe me. And most of the times are joking 🙂

    Whats up with the mods on that site? They see things in a different way than you, that’s all. As most users of forum, like RBF, do.
    Not your cup of tea?… a pity.

  11. RB, I can see your point. I run a site and we have rules of conduct. I just dont see the point of being a rude ass or telling people to fuck off for their opinons. Its all good if those who are posting dont give a shit, but a couple of people did give a shit, hence my comment. I spent alot more time then two minutes reading on that forum. Its all there in black and white. You seem nice along with some of the other chicks. Just not my cup of tea. No worries.

  12. @Tillhammer

    I have been an active member on the forum since July last year and to be honest i have made some really good friends there. Dont judge people until you know them 🙁 I bet you spent all of two minutes there which hardly warrants a judgement on people you do not know 🙁

  13. Rammstein was fucking epic as usual. Manson sucks and he looks like he sucks. Let himself go!

    I was checking out the forum, no way I am going there. Asshole snakes are rude, AIH puts everyone down for their opnions and tells them to fuck off. Whats up with the mods on that site? People have a right to say what they want too without being told its shit and to fuck off. Silly bastards have no respect for themselves or others.

  14. if that was not awesome, I don’t know what it is. Just disappointed for Till not being there. I can also afford to say Marilyn sounds better than his late tournes.

  15. Ok, I am answering my own question here just incase anyone else needs to know. If you go on their official website there is a link that takes you to the live stream 🙂

  16. @ Mark

    Sorry about that, a friend of mine has disappeared from the forum for ten days, you have the same name and i thought it was him 🙂

  17. @RICHARDS BIGGEST FAN I’m sorry, but I think you think I’m someone else, I don’t have an account on the forum 😛

  18. His (them- as that is the bands name) early stuff is better, anything up to and including ‘the golden age of grotesque’ is good – ever since his divorce with dita – the music has gone very emo-
    however, im sure this performance will be old skool –

    I can just imagine MM placing his genitals on a steward’s head while Till performs the BUCK DICH routine on him LOL –


  19. Not a big fan of MM, sure he has a few good songs but I never really liked him. But I know this will be EPIC! Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  20. This is a personal dream come true for me. Rammstein is my all time favorite band, but Marilyn Manson is a very close second. Seeing them perform together is something I’ve hoped for for Years!

  21. ooooooo go RAMM – 😀

    I wonder what role Till will play ??? hmmmm
    As the man really needs no other to sing alongside him lol maybe hel do the
    “Ahhhhhhhhh” part lol this should be very intresting


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