Rammstein Nominated at “Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2012”

Rammstein are nominated for the “Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2012”, in category of best live band.

Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2012
Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2012

The ceremony will be held on June 11st at IndigO2 (London). Also nominated in the same category are Iron Maiden, Metallica, Skindred, and Watain. You can cast your vote here.


  1. Metallica are anything but “naff”. They are great live, in fact the 3rd best concert I’ve been to was Metallica at Wembley stadium (no prizes for guessing which band occupy 1st & 2nd spot). In fact all those bands on the list are great live. But no one is like Rammstein. They were nominated in 2010 but didn’t win so everyone vote this year dammit! And if you’ve already voted, vote again

  2. Metallica are NAFF !!!!!!!- literally one of the worst live bands on this planet – y are they in the mix? –

    Everyone knows R+ put on the BEST live performance-
    so this should just be given to them- lol

    -In my opinion its between RAMM and MAIDEN !

    Going by how good the ‘Made In Germany’ tour was it would be day-light-robbery if Rammstein dont win this lol!

    If Flake’s dancing doesnt sway the votes then THERES NO GOD !

  3. Seriously people, get voting. Metallica & Iron Maiden put on great shows but there is no way they are the best live bands. Unfortunately their fan bases are massive so we’re going to have to vote our asses off to get R+ what they deserve. Vote or suffer the consequences


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