Rammstein Bückstabü lyric with English translation

Bald ist es Nacht,
wir sind allein,
du musst nicht, musst nicht traurig sein.
Stimmen flüstern hinter dem Gesicht,
die da sagen,
die da sagen:

Tu' das nicht!
Lass das sein!
Fass' das nicht an!
Sag' einfach nein!

hol' ich mir.
hol' ich mir.

Hab' keine Angst,
ich bin doch hier,
Ich bin ja, bin ganz nah bei dir.
Stimmen flüstern hinter dem Gesicht,
die da sagen:

Tu' das nicht!
Lass das sein!
Fass' das nicht an!
Sag' einfach nein!

hol' ich mir.
hol' ich mir.

Zwei Seelen 'ach in meinem Schoß,
es kann nur eine überleben!
Beim ersten Mal tut es nicht weh,
ein zweites Mal wird es nicht geben!

tu' das nicht!
lass das sein!
fass' das nicht an!
sag' einfach!

hol' ich mir.
hol' ich mir. 

Lyric © Rammstein
Soon it is night*
We are alone
You must not, must not be sad
Voices whisper behind the face
They say
They say:

Don't do that
Let it be
Don't grasp onto it
Simply say no!

I call myself
I call myself

Have no fear
I am not yet here
I am yeah, am nearly entirely with you
Voices whisper behind the face
They say:

Don't do that
Let it be
Don't grasp onto it
Simply say no!

I call myself
I call myself

Two souls alas in my lap**
There can only be one survivor
It doesn't hurt the first time
There will not be a second time

Don't do that
Let it be
Don't grasp it
Simply say no

I call myself
I call myself

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submited by EinHeisserSchrei

Translation Notes:

* – This could also mean “Soon it will be night” but this is correct
** – Schoss can mean lap or womb
*** – According to Richard Z. Kruspe, “B********” does not stand for “Bastard”, but for “Bückstabü”, a word made up by the band to mean “whatever you want”

  • Tya

    bück:bend over ; tabü : taboo

  • Swinder

    bend over (give up) at a tabu can be the meaning? because once you do a tabu you can do it again more easy and its all up to you, you fight with yourself to do it or no to do it, fight the one that grown up with moral and how your sociality tell you VS the one little self that you never show to anyone the one self that only you talk at night with where you thoughts grab into insomnia, “i call my self” back to remain being my social self and not the maniac leave out, to be in the border of do some tabu.

  • Leonie Arendt

    I believe this song talks to us in many ways,like it is talking to our demons and here we are affected by it,many of you may take it in a sexual direction because it may relate to you like that. It is your on subconsciousness telling you that due to the sins you committed. I also relate to this song in a sexual way because I sinned also. This song talks to us,to our deepest fears and secret, this word that is made it, try putting your name there and the song will make sense…

  • TillGoi

    If you look up “Bückstabü”, it does not have a translation but “bück” means bend/bend over etc. “Stabü” doesn’t have a translation either. However, “stab” means pole/rod.

  • Leonie Arendt

    I recently had an experience that tied me to this song,due to the words,we all have many personal problems,and the demons inside us urges us to commit sins,in this case,when I read the translation I felt it comming on in a sexual direction and I had that type of experience lately,this song is talking to us in our soul of secrets,thus the sins you commit are tied to this song,like it knows what you have done and what you fear in many more ways than just one….

  • Gensia

    Would be a good description for someone undergoing possession by a discarnate intelligence.

  • Eliv

    The word is names. It’s letters.
    He calls himself NAMES.
    It doesn’t matter what he calls himself, the words are meaningless, you put the meaning in: the point revealed.
    From my perspective, at least.


  • NemuNemu

    Dredging up things long after the fact, my bad.

    But each time I read the lyrics, I have this distinct sense of sexual something. I don’t think it’s necessarily like, sexual in the erotic sense, but more like sexuality, more specifically, gender-related.

    I can’t shake the notion of a transgender individual. Being transgender is an exceptionally difficult thing. Usually, it’s something that the people surrounding try to dissuade the person from feeling.

    The literal picture that forms in my mind is a a trans-person alone with his or herself, at night. Night, for some, is a very lonely time and when a lot of thinking takes place.

    “Soon it is night*
    We are alone
    You must not, must not be sad”

    I see a lot of inner-struggle in this person, battling with them not to acknowledge the fact that they are in the wrong body, which can be something that causes a lot of sadness and struggle.

    “Voices whisper behind the face
    They say
    They say:

    Don’t do that
    Let it be
    Don’t grasp onto it
    Simply say no!”

    I get a literal image of a person who has a penis, fighting a natural sexual urge, due to discomfort of being in the wrong body, and literally wanting to abstain from touching an appendage that feels alien.

    I call myself
    I call myself”

    In the sense that bückstabü has no real meaning, it could be a liberating way of identifying what the feeling is, for this person, so they can say, “I call myself this.”

    “Have no fear
    I am not yet here
    I am yeah, am nearly entirely with you”

    I think those lyrics show a process, as the person begins absorbing it all. As they attempt to not be scared of it and work towards integrating this feeling.

    “Two souls alas in my lap**
    There can only be one survivor”

    This is the first instance where the idea of transgenderism came into my mind. The image of two ‘souls’: the birth-sex and the soul-sex, of which there can only be one survivor, for this person.

    “It doesn’t hurt the first time
    There will not be a second time”

    But after this point, I see a reference to defeat. Where the first time refers to birth, which doesn’t typically hurt. The second time, being the transition to the identified gender, for this person, which is, unfortunately, usually painful in various levels.

    I see this person resigning to a life of feeling nameless and in a state of denial of their body, calling him or herself whatever they please.

    I am probably so, so off, but I hadn’t really noticed it mentioned. That probably should have been a tip, though, but I figure why not try?

  • ebrum2010

    Those saying “-stabe” is untranslatable are wrong. Bückstabü is a corruption of Buchstabe which quite literally means bookstaff in English. Read the following:

    mid-12c., “graphic symbol, written character,” from O.Fr. lettre, from L. littera (also litera) “letter of the alphabet,” of uncertain origin, perhaps from Gk. diphthera “tablet,” with change of d- to l- as in lachrymose. In this sense it replaced O.E. bocstæf,
    lit. “book staff” (cf. Ger. Buchstabe “letter, character,” from O.H.G. buohstab, from P.Gmc. *bok-staba-m). The pl. litteræ in L. meant “epistle, written documents, literature,” a sense first attested early 13c. in M.E., replacing O.E. ærendgewrit, lit. “errand-writing.” School letter in sports, first awarded by U. of Chicago football coach Amos Alonzo Stagg.

    Buchstabe comes from Middle High German buochstap, from Old High German buohstab (“letter, writing”). From Proto-Germanic *b?kastabaz, from Proto-Indo-European roots *bhagós (“book”) + *st?bh, *stemb (“support, stamp, be astonished”). Compare English bookstaff, bookstave.

    Not only is it translatable but it has a counterpart in English that comes from the same root. The modern word for “staff” in German is “Stab.”

  • rickrage

    ry the way my last comment was just my opinion. lol

  • rickrage

    as i read all these comments,in all the interpretations. some have very strong opinions of what the songs are about. well thats just the point. there all just opinions.one might inerperate a song completly opposit than another. thats why some lyrics and poems are writen in metaphor, so that one can see it they way he or she wants to. it only matters what the song is about to yourself, not to anybody else. thats what makes us all indavidual.your opinion only matters to you, no one else.and that’s what matters. be open to others opinions but don’t submit completly to them. thats what keeps our individuality.

  • Manuel

    Hallo Rammstein Fans,
    First of all, a small explanation…
    Bueckstabue doesn’t mean AT ALL “Backstabber”, yes, it is true that English and German are similar languages, but not every word is a reflection from the other one… as Richard Kruspe said: “it means whatever you want” (notice where did I put the signs), so, since he said it TO YOU, it means to “me”: “Whatever I want”…

    So, on with the song itself:
    As others have pointed out: “Ich bin doch hier” =/= I am not yet here” that is shit german, “doch” is used to contradict a previous saying (from another person), so without a previous saying it would mean: “I AM here” (it goes emphatic). “Don’t have fear, I AM here”

    And yes, “Hol’ (hole) ich mir” means: “I fetch (get) myself”; BUT if you ever studied german, when a sentence starts with a verb (and it is not a question), it is because the previous saying is actually part of it! So, translating “Bueckstabue hol’ ich mir” = “I get myself whatever I want”…

    For the ones saying “rape”, explain me how is the third part related to it…

    I agree with the ones that the song is about a problem with yourself

  • amy

    if it doesn’t mean bastard then why is it censored? it come up as E******** on my mp3 player

    Good suggestions to what the song may mean but I don’t think anyone can really definitely say that one theory is completely correct…well except whoever wrote the lyrics -assuming it was Till Lindemann

  • Mr A A

    B******** doesn’t stand for ‘illegitimate child’ and Richard Z. Kruspe said it’s ‘whatever you want’ but why don’t they all say it stands for Bückstabü?! It is after all what Till sings in the song and what’s written in the official lyrics.

    Although it’s not a real German word it basically translates to ‘Backstabber’ in English, so what’s all the confusion?

  • Irina

    My feeling is so, that the song is about huge psychotrauma that the person is doomed to go on again and again. Like one who was sexually abused in childhood and that time couldn’t understand the meaning – first time it does’nt hurt, but there will be no second time… And so you will be searching for one for your whole life to relieve the pain, but make the same pain to others instead.
    sorry for such stupid and maybe girlish ideas, but all the texts seem so personal, that I listen everything through the headphones only and being alone and so avoid performances and let all the saff be only in my pc, so that to make it personal thing.

  • Marta

    This is the best opinion I´ve read about this song. Totally agree, HCM.

  • HCM

    I think this is more like someone said, your little devil inside talking to you, like your alter ego repeating He firsts says things that to me sound (without word per word translation) like, don’t be afraid, I am still here with you, it will be night and I will “torment you” again, I am really close, I will whisper you from inside, don’t be afraid, I support you, do whatever the hell you want… and then the alter ego gets pissed off and repeats everything they have told you not to do… don’t do this, leave it alone, don’t touch this, just say no… and then he kinda says something like F*** this!! I get a hold of myself, like I breath in because I am pissed and I don’t give a crap if you are telling me not to do it… I still will… I think what they meant with, “whatever you want” was more, like “Insert curse word here”…

    the second voice is trying to fight it, saying there can only be one survivor amongst us, good and evil, morals and desires…

    I guess everybody just understands what they want, I could have never made a connection with something sexual, less so homosexual or abortion… not everything Rammstein is about sex and impurity, not because they have a song like Pussy, everything has to be a mock on sex! They have actually very deep lyrics in many songs, and I think the ones that don’t truly speak german, regrettably miss a lot of the feeling of these songs!

    Just my two cents!

  • Jamie


    At least im not the only one who thought that 😀 ‘Bückstabü’ sounds really similar to ‘Backstabber’

  • blahrf

    I think Rammstein are confusing us with their lyrics, as usual, & there is no right or wrong answer 😀

    • Rammmeister

      in my opinion the song is about the mental strugle of a young girl who is considering abortus

  • sammo13


    just because it is translated to get doen’t mean that it is used that way. we use the word “get” multiple ways in english but that doesn’t mean that the same word has all the same meanings in German.

  • Richard

    Wow! Im confused. I have a few ideas on what its on. It may be about desire and wanting something that is forbidden, it could also be about someone living two different lives and being frustrated,or about abortion or about homosexuality. This is definately one of Rammstein’s most complicated texts.

  • Nephälia VonDämonen

    That translation isn’t quite right, as people have mentioned before, and “bückstabü” isn’t a real word, it was made up by the band to mean something you want.
    But it’s my favourite song right now 😀 (my favourite songs change a lot.)

  • John K

    I think it’s about the first homosexual experiment. The B word is Back stabber but by back he means the behind. More common English slang word is Shitstabber. This is the reason it’s censored. Basically he is unsure whether to through with it and two sides of him are trashing it out. It is common when we are thinking about something new or very important that the voices in the head have a debate or even an argument. It’s like little angel and devil in Tom and Jerry cartoons. The side of him that is against it is trying it’s best to stop it, including the use of insults.

    Soon it is night
    We are alone
    You must not, must not be sad
    Voices whisper behind the face
    They say,
    They say:

    Don’t do that!
    Let it be!
    Don’t let yourself into that!
    Just say no!

    I call myself.
    I call myself.

    Have no fear,
    I am still here,
    I am nearly entirely with you.
    Voices whisper behind the face
    They say:

    Don’t do that!
    Let it be!
    Don’t let yourself into that!
    Just say no!

    I call myself.
    I call myself.

    Two souls alas in my lap,
    There can only be one survivor!
    It doesn’t hurt the first time,
    There will not be a second time.

    Don’t do that!
    Let it be!
    Don’t let yourself into that!
    Just say no!

    I call myself.
    I call myself.

  • blabla

    I’m from germany, and, referring to the band, the made up word Bückstabü is a synonym for desire, addiction and untamed drive

  • Ghost Ryder

    The asterisks in the song title “B********” are whatever letters you want, “Bückstabü” is a made up word and an extention of the word “buchstab”, which means letter (as in “letter of the law”). Therefore “Buckstabu; hol ich mir” would literally translate as “whatever I want in the letter of the law, I get myself” which could well be a metaphor for “Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law”.

  • Amniculi

    This song is definitely about masturbation and the (religious?) taboos against it.

  • Xartavion


    If you’d read some of the hundred or so comments here, you’d have seen multiple places where people indicated it was censored out because it’s a made-up word, by the band, to indicate whatever the listener wants. As such, it was ‘censored’ to further allow people to ‘fill in the blanks’ with their own ideas, issues and whatnot.

  • Dave

    Why is Buckstabu censored if its not bad anyways?

    • Ohne Namen

      I think that Bückstabü is censored because it’s what the person in the song is trying to repress: “Don’t do it/Let it be/Don’t touch it/Just say no” Even if it isn’t an actual taboo, it is meant to represent what the person finds taboo, so that’s why the title is censored.

  • blahrf

    oh, & the schizophrenic-like parts could be the persons implusive feelings and his morals (or rationality) conflicting?

  • blahrf

    my first impressions of these lyrics were that the song was about having relations with someone they shouldn’t be. (whether it be a friends girlfriend or whether the person was already in a relationship). thats just because i always imagined buckstabu to mean “backstabber” though, which would make sense in the context i understood it in. although, thats just my interpretation & i know buckstabu doesn’t actually mean backstabber..

  • Xartavion


    While masturbation may not be a bad suggestion, in the future when there’s people translating a song from THEIR native language, I’d defer to them over “Google” any day of the week. I’ve used dozens of online translators and tested them against phrases I **KNOW** and watched how badly they get translated.

    Online free translators are, at best, a vague reference point to start from and – at worst – the source of many people’s misinterpretations that tends to twist their understanding farther apart from one another. Maybe you should consider that factor?

  • Klumpke

    Just to give an other suggestion.
    Maybe it’s about masturbation.(male as well as female)

    Googling “hol’ ich mir.” on google.DE resulted in the following results:
    1st: Wie hole ich mir am besten einen runter : Forum goFeminin
    3rd: Hol’ mir einen runter. (note the ‘ behind the l)

    The German “Sich ienen runter holen” is slang for jerking of.

    This explanation fits nicely with the text and Till unconfirmed meaning of the word Bückstabü. in Anna’s post.

    Great to see how many interpretations this song has and how twisted and how far apart some of them seem to be from one-another.

  • ashley

    i personally think this song is rape as in someone passed out. if Bückstabü means whatever you want it to mean but it is a corruption of Buchstabe it would make since. if he is fighting with himself to not touch and to say no and he ends up doing it anyway he is corrupt.

  • Anna

    I read on a German site that Till stated that Buechstabue means “das man scharf ist und loslegen will.” This is very slangish but translates roughly as “that one is horny and ready to go.” I am not at all certain of the source, therefore this is entirely unconfirmed.

  • Marta

    There is a poem by Lindemann (you can find it in his book “Messer”, “Knife”), “Nele”. I’ve read that he has a daughter called so. It begins this way:

    Tu das nicht
    faß das nicht an
    weil man sich verbrennen kann
    tu das nicht
    ach laß es sein
    es tut weh und du wirst weinen

    Don’t do that
    Don’t grasp onto it
    Because you can be burned
    Don’t do that
    Oh let it be
    It hurts and you’ll cry

    This poem (it’s much longer, but these verses repeat) is about a father that loves and wants to protect his child.


  • Xartavion

    Alpha Lamda:

    While I disagree with your initial statement (I think it could reasonably be interpreted to pertain to abortion) I find both your suggestions interesting. It could even be (in the usual screwed-up-Rammstein way) some measure of both, being both a ‘safety word’ during extremely deviant or dangerous sex AND someone’s pet name for genitalia.

    In the last scenario there, it might even be the Dominant person’s word (likely with derogatory intent) for the submissive’s genitals, extending the Dom/sub dynamic that exists in many places where one party debases or humiliates the other (such as by indicating their genitals are too dirty to warrant the touch of the Dominant, etc.)

    Read into that whatever you may but be warned, I don’t conform very well and don’t psycho-analyze very well either 🙂

  • Xartavion

    Heidi is gross for… having sex with someone that was otherwise involved? Glass houses, stones… careful, V.

    On the subject of the song, yes you are correct. The title B******** was censored to indicate an unclear meaning, forcing the the reader/listener to subconsciously connect it to their own demons, so to speak, and “find yourself” as you put it.

  • Adrian

    I don’t often look at it in a sexual way, and since it’s made up word, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s about rape. It could be, but who knows.
    What I thought of it at first like others said is an insane part of you that wants to take control of you. Only one can survive can mean it’s like a mental war.
    OFten, though, it is about sex, so I know my depiction is false.
    How many songs NEED to be about sex and rape? Even though I like the song, it doesn’t mean I like the meaning.
    I’m just going to pretend it’s what I see it as, cuz’ I hate all these songs about rape… It gets annoying.

  • Marta

    At least someone understands it!!!

  • harris

    well, bückstabü doesn’t mean “whatever you want”


  • osvaldo

    well this song sound more like a rape.. it does.

  • osvaldo

    hahahahaha i really dont believe that buckstabu means ” whatever you want” im sure that means bastard, because it ”whatevewr you want” doesnt go with the lyrics at all. when he say ”i call my self”(hol’ ich mir) i dont think that he call himself ” whatever you want” hahaha it means bastard.. GOOD SONG one of my favoryte, rammstein are unike and for sure they are the best band in the world!!!!

  • fender

    “Two souls alas in my womb** There can only be one survivor” this is simple: two different sperm cells in the womb. and like we all know, there can be only one….

  • Alpha Lamda

    I’m sort of upset with a lot of the interpretations here. I think the abortion one was interesting but isn’t very coherant with the lyrics. It’s clearly about sex (and not schizophrenia or being someone you’re not) but I don’t think this one is about homosexuality either (Mann Gegegen mann took the cake on that and I don’t think they’d make another song about it with such cryptic lyrics).
    I think it’d be fair to say that this song was created to be their cryptic/elusive/up-to-the-listeners song, but I have two proposed theories (I don’t know how strongly I believe in them but its something for you all to chew on).
    1: Similarily to the notion above that the song is about rape, a friend of mine proposed that the made up word B******** is a safety word…like simulated rape but the word itself is a safety word used in sex. I’m not sure how well it co-relates to the rest of the lyrics, but it was interesting for me. This way, the made up word that “means whatever you want it to mean” makes sense with it being a safety word.
    2: I wouldn’t take this theory very seriously, but what if the narration of the song named his genitalia B********? It sounds silly at first, but this whole “schizophrenia” notion of there being a voice behind the face is the body’s cravings…or in the case cravings from the genitalia. The person wants to be modest (don’t do that…) while the other voice is from his sexual drive and has little restraint…and even so a name (this isn’t that uncommon for males to name their dicks).
    Just throwing some ideas out there.

  • wout

    hey, at the last part there stands: sag einfach and it is translated to just say no
    but sag einfach means just say, in the song he sings sag einfach buckstabu in english it is just say buckstabu

    not sag einfach nein buckstabu

  • Charismatic Enigma

    “Buckstabu, hol’ ich mir” — whatever you want, I will get it for myself?

  • XIII

    @ Hans, According to Richard Z. Kruspe, “B********” does not stand for “Bastard”, but for “Bückstabü”, a word made up by the band to mean “whatever you want”

    this can either mean that we can make it mean whatever we want or it literally means “what ever you want”

  • Aubrei

    P.S. Buckstabu is, according to an interview for the magzin “orkus”, a synonym for desire, addiction and untamed appetites. just thought you all should know that….

  • Aubrei

    Love this song always have first time I heard it haha I’m not going to give you an expaintion on what I think it means only one person could do that and I don’t think if you did ask him he could give it to you because if you he most likely would give you a fake quick lie you have to know it yourself but not anounce it because then it becomes less important.

  • 8=D

    at first i thought it litterally meant what ever you want

  • Durden

    Buckstubu means to bend taboo. Backstabber is just a load of rubbish thats like saying buck dich is bird dish, cause it sounds like it.

  • violeets

    Heidi…. thanks for that bit of clarification… but wow, you’re gross. I believe the reason it is ‘censored” is to indicate that the meaning is obscure, not to hide the word itself. being unable to see what it is, being unable to understand forces you to interpret it for yourself. I’m guessing the point of the song is the same. I’ve noticed that it make many of you think about things you’ve been through in your own lives, or uncomfortable situations that speak to you for some reason or another. Homosexuality, abortion, backstabbing (cough cough Heidi), or even the misinterpretation of the word Bastard. all uncomfortable heartbreaking descisions and realizations in life that require self identification and a check on who you are and where your life is going. Thank you Rammstein for asking us to find ourselves through this song.

  • Asmodai

    here “hinter dem Gesicht” means “out of sight” (literally – behind the view) as Gesicht is basically “face”, “appearance” or “sight/view” (sometimes “hallucination”)

  • Hans

    if you think Buckstabu litterly means “whatever you/I want”… you’ve totally missed the point

  • Kazzandra

    I’m totally seeing the foremost interpretation to be abortion. Not a single line contradicts this meaning.

  • Angel

    I do not think that this songs talks about homosexuality in any way. I believe is more about what the majority has said: Two souls under one Chest! Desire vs Society and such…but I guess as someone said, everyone finds their own interpretation of the song within themselves and I think that is the beauty of Rammstein. Look at Nebel, Reise Reise and many others, there’s never one fit denomination. Just like studying literature, which kind of makes sense with Till, since he is a poet. But very good opinions, I love this site, I will start posting replies more often. Man, people have some good ass ideas!! Keep up the good work my fellow Rammstein interpreters of the inner voices!!!

  • Marta

    Well… This song always reminds me of some kind of Boogeyman, real or figurative. I don’t think that the meaning of “Bückstabü” is as important as the feelings that the song causes… It’s really disturbing…

  • Mai

    Different voices don’t naturally mean schizophrenia, it’s a pretty common way to describe what’s going on in your head around wanting something that is taboo or bad. So you could say the voices are desire and moral.

    If you take this in sexual context, it could mean rape or
    intercourse in the rear. I personally don’t think it’s about homosexual acts, since that kind of intercourse isn’t too rare or taboo amongst homosexuals. Since he also comforts the person in a scary way, it’s more likely that he wants it and the other person (if it’s even a person) doesn’t.

    Zwei Seelen ‘ach in meinem Schoß,
    es kann nur eine überleben!
    Beim ersten Mal tut es nicht weh,
    ein zweites Mal wird es nicht geben!

    This one is hard to fit in the raping context though. So it could even be something entirely different.

  • XIII


    the song is about rape.

    “Fass’ das nicht an” means “Don’t touch that”

    “Bückstabü (what ever i want)i get myself”

    he is alone with a girl and at night he tries to rape her while she says “dont do that, dont touch that etc.” and then the chorus “i get myself (Bückstabü) what ever i want”


    ich bin doch hier (i am here after all)
    Ich bin ja, bin ganz nah bei dir. (i am, am really close to you)

    in this case the word “ja” does not mean “yes”, it is used the same as the word “doch” (which does not exist in english)
    so he says “i am (after all), am really close to you”

    “doch” is a difficult word, it can mean “yes” or “after all”


    “du bist nicht nett” (you are not nice)
    “doch, bin ich” (yes, i am) or (am too)

    “ich bin doch der beste” (after all, i am the best)

  • Manu

    “ich bin doch hier” doesn’t mean “I am not yet here”.
    It’s more like “since I’m here” or “afer all I am here” as mentioned before. “doch” is hard to translate into english.

  • Coon

    I think the above idea is good. Like someone said before, Bück means to bend over. Stabü could be a cognate for the english word ‘stab’, put these ideas together and you could get a vulgar and harsh name for the homosexual act. 🙂

  • Tammy

    I do not understand why there is so much variation on what this means, it is quite straight forward and the reason it is blocked out. Bückstabü means (I cannot put the literal translation because it will be censored) “an act performed commonly by homosexual males” if you follow.. Back Stabber is a QUITE literal translation in that regard, or “Stuck in the rear”

  • Kirsten

    I’m Dutch so I got English and German in school for six years.
    The translation, as it is posted here, is not correct.
    What Till sings is : Don’t be scared, after all I’m here, I am very very close to you..
    And then he’s trying to stop himself (‘Don’t do it, don’t grab it’)
    So I think it’s either about raping or killing someone (probably both) but I’m not sure.

  • Lila

    Ok, I’ve noticed some people thinking “hol’ ich mir” is “I get myself,” but wouldn’t it be “I fetch to me?” So “Bückstabü I bring to me…” If it were I get myself, then it would be “ich hole mich” and I don’t think that makes sense. Anyway, I’m not a native speaker so this is just my humble opinion after about 4 years of German study.

  • Ben

    Bückstabü has Bück in it, which means to bend over. stabü on the other hand is untranslatable.

  • Taryn

    I feel like the way people decipher the song shows their personality, which is interesting because the song seems to be about an internal conflict with the narrator. Like PowderBlue said, the agony of choice gets the best of people sometimes.

    For me, the song is about questioning what happens to you when it is dark and you’re by yourself, hence the first verse. So, when you are finally by yourself, your personal Bückstabü comes out, or tries to at least. However, that voice behind your face wants to repress your Bückstabü, so its a matter of if you will let it out or not.

  • Luc Nelis

    Maybe part of the meaning of the word is to be a weird plural. As in ein Buchstabe –> zwei Bückstabü. This could be related to ein Haus –> zwei Häuser. Or…?

  • Dave

    Sorry, Becca, but you’re 100% wrong – even Richard from the band says so!

  • PowderBlue

    You can make up words in any language. They may sound similar to existing words, but they won’t have any direct meaning in and of themselves. They rely on the creator to give them meaning. So, in this case, Rammstein created a word, but they left the meaning up to the individual. It sounds similar to some things, so you can let those decide how you see it. Or you can ascribe a completely different idea to it. It’s the agony of choice–you have to make your own meaning.

  • Otto

    Actually, Bückstabü is made up since it isn’t in the dictionary and Richard said so.. The word “backstabber” has nothing to do with the song, it wouldn’t be in context.
    Though maybe you’re right.

  • Becca

    Bückstabü means back stabber.. not whatever you want. it just doesnt work that way, german is another language.. not made up.

  • Nermin

    I still wander on why it is censored..btw Sjaak’s comment is interesting and possible indeed for an explanation.

  • sjaak

    The Abortion idea by Sergei above me, makes sense to me. This chorus here: “Zwei Seelen ‘ach in meinem Schoß,
    es kann nur eine überleben!” (Two souls alas in my lap**
    There can only be one survivor) makes me think about those freak babies that are born and then turn out to be actually 2 babies but where one fetus absorbed the other and you can still find physical evidence in the surviving one.
    The schizophrenia-idea kinda fits too. Where there live 2 and there is only room for one, it usually means that one must/will die/leave so the other one can live. To me this song is ultimately about survival and when it comes to survival: anything goes

  • Luc Nelis

    “fass’ das nicht an!” means “don’t touch that!”, I think.

  • Sergey

    Am I the only one who think this song is about abortion?

  • Enn

    I don’t get it, I think Bückstabü and Mehr are the best songs in the album, but everybody else thinks it’s not as good.
    If you ask me, this is definitely not the hardest album they have made, because most of the songs are a mix of pop and metal music.

  • Dave

    Backstabu is a pun of buchstab, meaning letter (as in “letter of the law” for example) – hence the “means whatever you want” explanation – the asterisks are whatever letters you want, and the narrator of the song is saying you can call him and his actions whatever you want to call them.


    I think the beggining to this song is so hardcore!
    when i heard the first sample to this song, i thought it would be me favorite, and Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da would be my least, but its the other way around.

  • Colin

    Yeah, you might want to check this entire translation again. ‘Doch’ actually means the opposite of ‘not’.

    And as far as I can tell, ‘Bückstabü’ has something to do with, pardon my French, butt-fucking. Just look at the rest of the song.

  • Hyde

    I believe it’s about schizophrenia, disunited and shattered personality. The “evil” voice wants the person to take B********, what may be (as sad) whatever you want, so it may refer to some kind of obsession, like in Mehr. The “good” voice wants the person to “let it be” and “simply say no”, but in the end, the evil voice wins and the person is finally taking B********.

  • PowderBlue

    Jeff – I hear “Backstabber” as well.

    The way I understand “hol’ ich mir” is almost like an imperative, albeit with improper grammar. Like he has a voice inside his head, giving him advice that subtly represses who he is as a person, and he’s screaming “bring me back to myself.” It also makes the whole “Backstabber” thing I hear fit. Basically, he’s rebelling against the part of himself that tries to NOT be…himself. Wow, that’s a bit convoluted.

  • AwesomeLaw_some

    I’m pretty sure Hol’ ich mir wich also means “i get myself” so it could be one sentence that’s been divided, like

    Buckstabu; hol ich mir /=/ “I get myself what ever i want”!

    earlier they said buckstabu means “what ever you want”

    so instead of “i call myself” it should be “i get myself” and in that sense there *could* be rape connotations(and it makes sense for the context of the song[lines 1-4 & chorus], and would make the song more rammstein-ish. …

  • Thorbjoern

    “Zwei Seelen, ach, in meinem Schoß” remind every German native speaker immediately to “Zwei Seelen, ach, in meiner Brust” (Goethe, Faust) (“Two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast”)

  • Nick

    why is it censored if it doesn’t mean bastard?

  • Heidi

    Alderwolf, would like to talk more [email protected]

  • Sólon

    ich bin doch hier
    doch is a very hard word to translate in english it can mean so many things but in this context “afer all I am here” would be the best translation in my opinion.

    and hol ich mir means I get myself (something) in this case buckstabu( which I have no Idea what means but when i listen to the song I think of bucstabu as somekind of drug or something in that direction.

  • someone

    “du musst nicht, musst nicht traurig sein”
    I believe that would be “You don’t have to be, don’t have to be sad.”


  • Otto

    Bückstabü always sounds like Schutzstaffel if I say it with german accent while singing…

  • eststein

    this song kicks ass. love it.

  • Seyt

    I’m just verifying to make sure I understand completely… He said it means whatever the listener wants it to or that it translates to “whatever you want”?

  • AlderWolf

    Heidi you got it!! That is the meaning of the song! This song is simply about that person that are inside of us, the wild us, the us that just do not care about what others can think, and like the world Bückstabü, that for me is just like “The tabu the forbidden the “wrong” ” , is your true self without the society restrictions.

  • Phosphiend

    I think “I get myself” means more “I understand myself” like a coming to terms with who he is.

  • Heidi

    I think I understand this; because I went through something like this song recently. I found absolute clarity and reached the point where I wondered who I was; I was utterly empty and pointless and the only happiness I could find was in the world around me. Then I remembered who I am and I had to make a decision continue the way where I didn’t follow my heart and continue feeling like nothing or be me. I chose to be me, got kicked out of my home and went looking for the nearest shelter. I couldn’t be sad; I wasn’t living in a delusion or fantasty even though the price was breaking the heart of my best friend and back stabbing her by telling her I slept with her crazy boyfriend (in a cult-this-is-holy-way). For the first time it didn’t matter what others wanted; just what I wanted and I knew who I was through and through. Right now I am the happiest person on earth. 🙂

  • Mik

    2nd favorite song next to Mehr

    didn’t like it at first but now I just love getting hyped to this song

  • Denise

    My least favorite song of the CD, I’m hoping that it will grow on me but I don’t know. I absolutely love the rest of the songs on the album but I often find that I skip this one. To each their own I guess.

  • David

    Kikmeister – Thanks for that. I never said this translation was perfect 🙂 Although if you go along with the title meaning Backstabber, it COULD mean I get myself stabbed in the back! Not really though…. 😉

  • Jeff

    ‘Bückstabü’ kind of sounds like ‘Backstabber’?

  • kikmeister

    The translation for
    hol’ ich mir is wrong.

    Hol’ ich mir means “I will get it”,
    like I will go and get it, not xxxI get myselfxxx

  • Uzur9

    According to Richard Z. Kruspe, “B********” does not stand for “Bastard”, but for “Bückstabü”, a word made up by the band to mean “whatever you want”

  • Mary

    What is Buchstabu????

  • Till

    In my opinion, this song is somehow… different. I’m not saying it’s not good, but it’s more like the odd one out. It can easily keep someone fired up while listened to, because it’s heavy and very “loud”, but……. I suppose- one man’s meat, the other man’s poison!