Clarification Regarding Next Live DVD/Bluray


A few days ago a video started spreading across many Rammstein communities. This video depicted footage of Rammstein complementing Jonas Åkerlund as an artist. The initial source that presented this footage claimed that it was filmed during Bercy’s double-gig in 2012. The same source claimed that it was a behind-the-scenes from the next live DVD/Bluray.

However, all this information is erroneous. The footage is not set to be part of Rammstein’s next live DVD/Bluray. In fact, it belongs to a tribute film dedicated to Åkerlund, that is available in his oficial website. You can see the original tribute film in this link (you need to click on “ICON AWARDS 2011 – Tribute Film”).



  1. ahhhh i desperately want a release date. anybody know a release Date? i’m predicting anytime before July 2013

  2. Ohhhh POOP !!!! I am desperate for this next live DVD/blu ray !!! – I NEED IT MORE THAN FOOD AND WATER !!!! If there’s 1 thing that’s a definite when it comes to the best band in the world, it’s that they know how to take their time in making a superb product !!!! – I’l wait patiently … As they are the makers of my soul… And I need that next piece !!


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