Support act for 2013: DJ Joe Letz


The oficial site has announced DJ Joe Letz as Rammstein’s support act for the upcoming European tour. He shall warm up the crowd with his DJ set.

DJ Joe Letz
DJ Joe Letz

Joe Letz has already served has the band’s supporting act through out North America last year. You can consult the official announcement here.


  1. I dont like Oomph! but Eisbrecher would be gr8. 😀
    I think Eisbrecher doesn’t like Rammstein.
    In the interviews that I saw, Alexx was always pissed off when Rammstein came up in the conversation, and Rammstein always came up. 🙂

    Btw – How do U like Till in a pink outfit with blonde hair?
    (Imho: Bad decision)

  2. Shit, this idiot’s like the Norwegian Skrillex. Why CAN’T they get Eisbrecher? Or Oomph!. Have Till do his Bück Dich gig with Dero.

  3. Why oh why? Screw this clown and the garbage he claims is music. He must be willing to work for next to nothing otherwise I don’t see the point of putting this guy on stage. Eisbrecher!!! Deathstars!!!!

  4. Am I the only Rammstein fan who doesn’t like Eisbrecher or Oomph?

    Personally I’d love to see Meshuggah or Devin Townsend. Both are admittedly an acquired taste but they do put on great shows. They also have links with Rammstein having remixed Benzin & Rammlied, so it’s not too unrealistic.

    If you’re just picking out acts in Rammstein’s genre though, I reckon Jayce Lewis would be a great opener

  5. Again? Why this guy? He’s fucking terrible. I really wish they’d get Oomph! or Eisbrecher… or Device. Nothing would fuck with people like a Jewish guy performing with Germans.

  6. Yeah, cover bands could make Rammstein’s concert more awesome, but I don’t care who is the opener while Rammstein is the main performer, the only one big attraction. 🙂

  7. Letz was alright for an opener. Thought he had some good beats. Would prefer an actual band opening for them though. Definitely a better choice than Deathstars. Combichrist was the best opener though, they really got the energy going and the electronic industrial aspect of their music was fitting for a Rammstein concert. Would be awesome if they could get Eisbrecher to open, doubt that’ll ever happen though since they are so similar to Rammstein (nowhere near as good, though).

    Would be REALLY cool is if they had an Orchestra/choir open for them, and have them do covers of some Rammstein songs (Klavier would be awesome). That would really set the mood for the concert. Seems like something Rammstein would do too, they tend to do things differently and surprise people.


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