Verka Serduchka – Du hast


Here is some funny video. If you are bored and still waiting for the new album of Rammstein to come out, you can watch it meanwhile.

Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko (born 2 October 1973 in Poltava, Ukraine), better known as his drag character Verka Serduchka , is a Ukrainian comedian and pop and dance singer.


  1. The guy is a drag “queen” and this is gay as “Mann Gegen Mann” not saying its a bad song i am listening to it right now but its about Gay and and the Video is Gay <True

  2. He(she, it) sings
    “S’hid ta zahid razom” = “East and west together”
    “Lviv! Donbass” – Lviv is ukrainian city at the west and Donbass is a industry region on east

    That “Tak” instead of “Nein” means ‘yes’ in Ukrainian.

  3. @ Job :

    can’t agree with you more..

    btw, the lyrics arent the same..

    what does he sings at the JA NEIN! part? Tag??

    and the part of Du.. Du Hast.. Du Hast mich is strange..


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