Usher: Net Worth, Family, Career


He was already one of the biggest music stars on the planet. But his recent performance at the halftime show of Super Bowl LVIII will have boosted his profile – and bank balance – even further. Although Super Bowl artists famously don’t actually get paid, Usher’s record sales are guaranteed to soar.

It was the second time that Usher had appeared on the Super Bowl stage, after his iconic cameo alongside the Black Eyed Peas in 2011. So he has featured on the best sports betting sites as well as the top music video channels. The RnB superstar has had plenty of other memorable highlights throughout his career. He may still be fresh-faced but he has been around for a while – without losing any of his charisma and vocal talent.

As Usher now gets ready to see just how beneficial, financially and artistically, his halftime show was, we thought we would look back at the career of the singer and entertainer – as well as examining his all-important net worth.

Usher Net Worth

This figure will need to be revised next year after the inevitable increase in sales and endorsements but Usher’s current net worth is estimated to be around $180 million. The bulk of that has come from music sales in a three-decade career, as well as producing and concert revenues.

But Usher has also brought in income from a number of endorsements over the years. Pepsi, Samsung, and MasterCard have all paid the singer to be the face of their products and he has a range of other business ventures.

Usher has also used his personality to good effect on the small and big screens. He has appeared in a number of TV shows and movies and continues to be a box office draw for millions worldwide. His recent Las Vegas residencies would also have boosted his income ahead of this year’s very special Super Bowl performance.

Usher Early Life and Family

Usher Raymond IV (to give him his full name) was born in Dallas, Texas on October 14th, 1978. But he spent the majority of his childhood in Chattanooga, Tennessee after his father left the family when Usher was just one year old. Usher’s family then grew thanks to his stepfather and his half-brother James.

It was in Chattanooga where Usher first began singing in church. His talent was obvious and his family made the decision to move to a bigger city – Atlanta, Georgia – so Usher would have a better chance of singing and performing professionally.

Usher dated TLC’s Chilli Thomas and Naomi Campbell before marrying stylist Tameka Foster in 2007. He became a stepfather to Foster’s three sons and the couple also had two sons together before filing for divorce in 2009. He then married his long-time girlfriend and manager Grace Miguel in 2015 but they were divorced three years later.

He is now in a relationship with music executive Jenn Goicoechea and the couple has two children together.

Usher Career

Usher began his recording career in the late 1980s, when still a pre-teenager. But it was when he signed with LaFace, the label co-founded by LA Reid, that his career really took off. His first big song was “Call Me a Mack”, which featured on the Poetic Justice soundtrack in 1993.

As Usher’s voice changed as he went through puberty, his debut album was put on hold but was finally released in 1994, self-titled and co-produced by Sean “P Diddy” Combs. It was in the late 1990s when Usher met Jermaine Dupri and it was he who helped produce his second album, which featured the hit “You Make Me Wanna”, Usher’s first gold and platinum-certified single.

Usher then began an acting career and his, initially delayed, third album, “8701”, was released in 2001. It featured the singles “U Remind Me” and “U Got it Bad” and has now been certified as four-time platinum. His next album, “Confessions”, has sold over 15 million copies worldwide and introduced the world to the smash-hit single, “Yeah”.

Over the next few years, Usher collaborated with just about every top musician and singer in the business and continued to produce some of the biggest-selling albums of all time. He also made a stunning debut on Broadway, taking over the role of Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago.

More albums were released to praise from the public and the critics, including “Raymond v. Raymond”, which chronicled his divorce from Tameka Foster. Usher made that electrifying guest appearance at Super Bowl XLV in 2011 and then made his debut on the TV show The Voice, a program that he has returned to as a winning mentor. Throughout the late 2010s, Usher released yet more albums to great acclaim.

Figure 2 Usher’s net worth is set to sky rocket after his Super Bowl halftime show performance

The 2020s have seen no let up in Usher’s packed schedule, with residencies in Las Vegas proving that he still has what it takes to be an entertainer and performer – as well as a top-rated singer. Just days before his headlining performance at the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show, Usher released his ninth solo studio album, “Coming Home”.

Throughout his career, Usher has been one of the most highly rated entertainers in the world, with a mix of RnB and pop that has gone down extremely well with his audiences. The Super Bowl show has proved that, even at the age of 45, he still has what it takes – and he is likely to be around and releasing more gold and platinum albums for quite a while yet.


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