Twin Temple Reflects on Merchandising Struggles, Financial Viability for Bands in 2024, and the Benevolence of Glenn Danzig


In a world steadily emerging from the shadow of a global pandemic, Twin Temple has distinguished itself with its unique “Satanic doo-wop” genre. Five years subsequent to their inaugural album, they have supported notable acts such as Ghost and Danzig and concluded their premiere extensive headlining tour in the United States.

The journey of Twin Temple, steered by the partnership of Alexandra and Zachary James, symbolizes a broader narrative experienced by numerous bands in a music industry that has grown increasingly indifferent to artist welfare post-COVID.

The financial landscape for independent artists on platforms like Spotify is becoming progressively challenging. Escalating inflation rates are making touring unaffordable for many, while venue policies on merchandise sales are severely undermining the primary revenue stream for many emerging and mid-tier bands.

“The burden of merchandise commissions is profound, occasionally reaching 35 percent,” remarks Alexandra James, Twin Temple’s lead vocalist. The accumulation of credit card charges, taxation, and product costs frequently culminates in negligible profit from merchandise after venue deductions. Alexandra voices a poignant observation on the symbiotic yet imbalanced relationship between artists and venues, highlighting the latter’s significant earnings from beverage sales and ticketing, contrasted with their extraction of profits from band merchandise.

Amid these adversities, initiatives like Live Nation’s On the Road Again program, initiated alongside Willie Nelson in 2023, provide a semblance of support by offering additional financial incentives and full merchandise revenue retention for artists, albeit for a limited number of performances.

Despite the financial precarities, Alexandra emphasizes their devotion to the touring lifestyle, marked by a gradual evolution from self-managed tours to a broader operational scope, underscoring a profound gratitude for their sustained artistic journey and growth.

During the isolation imposed by the pandemic, Twin Temple channeled their creativity into diverse ventures, including the production of their album ‘God Is Dead’ in a self-constructed home studio and engaging their audience through unique offerings like a Satanic puppet show and distinctive merchandise.

Their interactions with Glenn Danzig while touring epitomize an unexpected camaraderie and kindness, countering the oft-misperceived persona of the iconic musician. Twin Temple’s recounting of mutual exchanges and gifts with Danzig highlights a deep-seated generosity and connection beyond the public eye.

As Twin Temple prepares to extend their artistic footprint across Europe, their narrative not only resonates with the inherent challenges and triumphs of the music industry but also illuminates the enduring spirit of creativity and mutual respect that binds the artistic community. To explore Twin Temple’s latest creative endeavor, ‘God Is Dead,’ and their forthcoming performances, the journey continues to unfold, marking a testament to resilience and artistic passion in an evolving musical landscape.

Engagement in creative pursuits sustained Twin Temple through the pandemic’s most isolating periods. They innovatively authored their subsequent album, “God Is Dead,” within the sanctuary of their home-built studio, a testament to their resilience and adaptability. Their foray into unique expressions, such as a self-produced Satanic puppet show and the marketing of niche merchandise, illustrates their commitment to maintaining a connection with their audience through inventive means.

In an era that has tested many, Twin Temple’s experiences on tour with the revered Glenn Danzig stand out as a beacon of positivity. Contrary to some preconceptions, Danzig’s camaraderie and generosity offered them unexpected moments of kindness and mutual appreciation. Their shared experiences and exchanges, ranging from thoughtful gifts to casual backstage interactions, reflect a genuine sense of community and respect that transcends the usual artist-fan dynamic.

As they venture across Europe, Twin Temple carries forward not just the echoes of their musical heritage but also the lessons and bonds forged in the crucible of these challenging times. Their story, punctuated by perseverance, innovation, and heartfelt interactions, offers a reflective lens on the realities of the music industry and the enduring spirit of its artists.

For enthusiasts and followers eager to delve into Twin Temple’s artistic journey and their latest work, “God Is Dead,” the narrative extends an invitation to witness a band that continues to evolve and inspire, even amidst the complexities of the modern era. Their summer performances across Europe promise not only a showcase of their musical evolution but also a celebration of the resilience and shared human experiences that define our collective passage through times of change.


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