5 dating ideas for hard rock lovers

Rammstein is one of the biggest international music acts. The band is known for its wild on-stage antics, deep and disturbing lyrics, and controversy. If you find someone who shares your love for this Industrial Metal band, then you must know how to impress them and keep them coming back for more dates! With that being the case, you should think about these five date ideas centered on Rammstein!

An Online Dating Site for Rammstein Fans

Although you are probably not going to find a dating site for just Rammstein lovers, it’s easy to meet people using modern dating services who enjoy the band. Modern websites come with a search feature that is typically composed of various filters that let you select criteria by which to search others’ profiles. The keyword “Rammstein” or “Industrial Metal” would easily yield a lot of great potential matches. All you have to do is search for people using that basis and then start chatting about what you have in common. A good opener would be, “what’s your favorite Rammstein song?”

Head to a Local Concert

The greatest part about Rammstein is that they do a ton of shows every year. If you manage to get a date with someone who loves Rammstein, there will be no better date venue to go to than a real concert. Since Rammstein goes worldwide quite often, you can find them in cities all over the place, even though you might have to travel to get there.

Set Off Fireworks

Everyone knows that Rammstein’s Till Lindemann loves fire, and if you want to replicate that in your dates, you can turn to fireworks. Sure, you won’t be a licensed pyrotechnics expert like Till, but you can still set off some big, booming fireworks or some small, fun ones, depending on where you live. Even if you have some Roman Candles on hand, you and your partner can take turns letting that Feuer Frei!

Use a Projector and Screen an Old Rammstein Concert Outside

A great part about Rammstein is that they have done many concerts that have been captured in high definition throughout the years. If you can manage to get a projector, a screen, and some open area, then you could have a personal concert for you and your date. You have many great ones to pick from, including the wonderful Rammstein: Völkerball and Live Aus Berlin. Make sure to crank the music up to get an authentic concert experience.

Host a Rammstein-themed Party

Everyone who has watched some of Rammstein’s famous music videos could use one of them as a basis for an alluring party to which they can invite their date. You can choose which one would work best for you, and it’s good if you get a few friends on board beforehand. If you feel fancy, you could do a masquerade ball from Du Riechst So Gut, a somber gathering like Haifisch, or a raunchy Auslander party. Have food, drinks, and most importantly, music to match the party. You will certainly impress your date
and get the ability to let them meet your close friends and family.

Finding a partner who loves the same things as you is always a great accomplishment. Such an occurrence is even more profound when you find someone who likes a niche music group, like Rammstein. Once you have discovered someone special and gotten them to agree to a date, you can use these ideas along with your love of the band to bolster your relationship. Just make sure you avoid anything super odd on the first date. You know the songs we’re talking about.


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