The Rammstein man and the love of DDR

Christian Lorenz alias Flake played in GDR times in the punk band Feeling B, later in Rammstein. Now he has a book of tapes, photographs and Stasi reports. WELT ONLINE asked Flake about punk party, occupied houses and the Nazi allegations against Rammstein.

Christian Flake Lorenz
Photo: PA / dpa

Christan “Flake” Lorenz is keyboardist from Rammstein, he began as a member of the punk band Feeling B.

Who likes Rammstein humorous elements on stage must adhere to Christian “Flake” Lorenz. Flake played that role first during Feeling B era ( “We always wolln artig!”). The band existed from 1983 until 2000, when their singer died.

Flake and the guitarist Paul Landers moved in 1994 to the band Rammstein but Feeling B still continued. They remained a fun-punk band with a strange tendency to medieval folk music.
Who wants to read the whole interview, feel free to do so on (the article is in German and I don’t have time to translate it)


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