SONS OF APOLLO guitarist: “Everything has an expiration date.”


SONS OF APOLLO guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-GUNS N’ ROSES) answered a question on the Rock Interview Series about the band’s current status:

“Everything has a life span, and you hope it’s a long one, and it ends up being what it turns out to be. And [when you have a bunch of] moving parts, if one of them is out of order, the mechanism can’t function. So we’ve recorded two studio albums, created a live video and an album, made a lot of music videos, done a lot of touring. And now, after all that has been split into other projects, for example, Jeff and I are working on ART OF ANARCHY… There’s Derek’s music that I’ve been involved in, it’s music that’s very much his, it’s half of SONS OF APOLLO, I’d say a third of it. Derek and I would write the music and then Jeff would write the lyrics to that music. So on most of these albums, all of these albums, the ideas were just passed on to each other. Derek would have an idea, I’d send him a demo of the idea, and we’d create the music. And then Mike and I would get together and make arrangements and turn them into crazy songs. And then Jeff would listen to those songs and start recording vocals to make them sound like something digestible.


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