Some Statistics

Many of you have asked me how many people from this or that country visit this webpage. According to Google Analytics, the most of you speak English. The second place is Czech, third German. Asi you can see, almost 40 percent of visitors are returning. It means real fans of this webpage. The average time spent on Affenknecht is about 3 minutes.

It is very interesting to observe all the statistics about visitors. The only thing I wanna say right now is that I only wish that your loayalty will be permanent in the future and this webpage will be useful for you. Enjoy!



  1. Wow, I think that I may be guilty of only staying 3 mins, I come here go to the FORUMS sometimes, but mostly I just read the news, this is a great place for news, I always come here (After Reading My E-mails for Rammstein Newsletter) to see new news! ^.*


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