Rammstein’s next video will be Haifisch

The very recent interview with Paul Landers revealed the big secret: next video (and probably single as well) will be Heifisch.

An Interview with Paul Landers of Rammstein, Posted: Thursday, December 24, 2009, By: Donnie Beach

Are there future plans to make other videos from the album, or will you be too busy with the tour in the coming months to work on that?


There are two more videos already in the works. ‘Ich Tuh Dir Weh’ was shot last week by the band, and it’s a straight performance video that we shot on our new stage. The other video will be for ‘Haifisch,’ and it’s going to be a classic Rammstein video with a story behind it, but I’d rather not give any more details and let you be surprised by it. The band will also be touring Europe soon, and in fall of 2010, we hope to be in North America.

Source: regenmag.com


  1. I cant wait to see this 😀 i was kind of expecting it to be Waidmanns Heil but i love this song too, And i hope they will tour Australia soon 🙂

  2. i have an great idea nex single can be mehr, about dictatore government in iran, they can show the leader of iran and in other scene till wear the priest’s cloth of mollas and.. i have great idea about this clip, my desire is that i can direct this veideo clip.

  3. Do you remember when Rammstein was shooting a video at a castle or something? (when they didn’t even let journalists or photographers in)

    Maybe they’ll use that footage for the Haifisch video…


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