Rammstein should return in 2017


Till lindemann was interviewed by MusikUniverse.mu about his side project with Peter Tägtgren. When asked about plans for Rammstein, Till stated that the band should return in 2017:

MU: Till, a lot of Rammstein fans wants to know if Rammstein will be back with new music and a tour in 2016, can you say something about that?

Till: We start pre-production in September now, in the fall. Normally, Rammstein production takes at least two years, so… but we start in September, basically.

MU: So maybe more in 2017, for something new about Rammstein?

Till: Yes.

You can listen to the interview in this post. The talk about Rammstein future happens in minute 9:45. Keep in mind that plans can still change, and that Till did not explicitly confirmed plans for a new album or tour.

UPDATE: In the end of the interview for the site rafabasa.com, Till stated that the band should return to studio in 2016:

To finish up, when can we see Rammstein returning to Spain?

Till: Well in 2016 we will enter studio and will be in 2017 that we surely will have our record and we shall go to Spain, but it is still too soon to confirm anything in 100%.

You can read the entire interview here (in Spanish).


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