Lindemann: First Single “Praise Abort”

You can now pre-order the single “Praise Abort” from, the first single from Skills in Pills. The single is scheduled to be released in May 29th.

Lindemann Praise Abort cover
Lindemann Praise Abort cover

The tracklist for the single is as follows:

1. Praise Abort
2. Praise Abort (Clemens Wijers Remix)
3. Praise Abort (Ostblockschlampen Remix)
4. Praise Abort (Hedberg & Larsson Remix)
5. Fat (Jonas Kjellgren Remix)
6. Fat (Oliver Huntemann Electronica Mix)

Additionally, also has an EP available for pre-order, with the same release date as the single. This EP contains only the remixes and not the original song.

UPDATE (18/05/2015): The single is now also available for pre-ordering at the RammsteinShop.



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