Rammstein rocker now renting cars

Rammstein rocker now renting cars

With his band “Rammstein” he is one of the most successful German musician admitted the main prices. In his spare time, he has an expensive hobby: The Berlin Rammstein keyboardist Flake Lorenz (41) collects vintage cars.

More than 70, he already shared with his friend and business partner Dirk Salomon (42)! Among these there are several Bentleys, a Jaguar coupe or an Alfa Romeo Spider!

What do two people with so many cars? “Rent”, says the rockers Rammstein.

“Everyone should have an old car may not only rich ekelhafte Pedanten!”

This summer, the two extended their range with 15 Volkswagen buses.

Source: bild.de


  1. you’re a complete idiot. The guy collects classic cars and restores them. It’s a hobby. Did you not consider that an artist would appreciate a fine automobile? no, you were too busy trying to sound clever. Also consider the subversive aspect of taking the cars the rich threw away and giving them a new life for your own purposes. That and they have publicly stated that even though they miss some social aspects of it they would not want the GDR back. so woo hoo, your post doesnt even make sense.

  2. Man, all this socialists in the “Artistic Class” (writers, painters, musicians, poets, etc, etc) sure love expensive things dont they? I guess that if they are the preachers they get a free pass…LOL!

    Revolution! Bring East Germany back! LOL!

  3. I knew that Flake collected old cars, I saw a video of one he had. But I had never found any info on the web otherwise. 🙂


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