Oliver Riedel

Name: Oliver Riedel
Date of birth: 11th April 1971
Place of birth: Schwerin, Germany
Height: 2,00 m
Weight: 84 kg
Color of eyes: Black
Natural hair color: Chatains
Distinguishing marks: pierced ears
Place in group: Bassguitar
Usual place on scene: On the bottom, on the left
Previous group: The Inchtabokatables
EquipmentOliver Riedel

Oliver Riedel played in old band ‘The Inchtabokatables’ (Bassist). Has a girlfriend, has never married, has no children. Both his brother and father have died. He likes to skate. Oliver likes electronics. He’s played bass for over 25 years. Is very fluent in English and German.

Early Years

Oliver Riedel was born on April 11, 1971 in Schwerin as an only child. Little known is about his early and teenage years.

He was trained as a plasterer after leaving school.

Musical Career

In 1990, at the age of nineteen, Oliver began playing in a folk-fiddle band called The Inchtabokatables.


In 1994, Oliver Riedel, Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe-Bernstein, and Christoph “Doom” Schneider entered and won the Berlin Senate Metro beat contest that allowed them to professionally record a four track demo. Paul Landers and Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz would later join the band they named Rammstein.

The six released their first album, Herzeleid (Heartache) in September, 1995. Their second album, Sehnsucht (Longing) was released in 1997.

In April 2001, the album Mutter (Mother) was released and a European tour followed, ending on the 13th of July 2002. It has been reported that at this time the members of Rammstein were seriously discussing whether to continue or not in their present form. It was decided that
they should all take some time off and then reconsider whether to continue. In 2003, Rammstein started work on the fourth album, which was to prove a turning point in Rammstein’s sound and maturity. September 2004 saw the fruits of this work in the release of Reise Reise (Travel, travel). Tour was in November, followed by hugely successful sold out European tour of ten countries lasting four months.

After completing the Ahoi tour in February of 2005, Rammstein is due to play four dates in Berlin, and four in the UK, returning to the Wuhlheide open air arena almost exactly seven years after their sell-out concerts of August 1998. Rammstein are scheduled to release a new album (Rosenrot), containing new songs and songs remaining from the recording of Reise Reise, in late 2005 or early 2006.

Marriage & Children

He has two children, one of whom is a girl called Emma, and is divorced from her mother. His current marital status is unknown.

Personal Characteristics

He likes photography and sports, especially skateboarding and surfing. It has been said he is the most computer literate member of the band.

Quotes & Interview

On the separation rumours

“We never wanted to, but after Mutter we had some difficult times because the third album is the most difficult one and we had a lot of pressure on us. We also had our differences between the group members and everyone’s expectations were different. We took a year to rest, and after that we realize that we wanted to be together and to go on.”

On his early family life

Interviewer: Did you have a lot of problems with your parents?

Ollie: Not a lot at all. My parents are quite young, which is good. Because the age difference isn’t that big, we had it good with each other. My father and mother also liked the same music as me. We were almost more like friends than family.

Interviewer: But of course you did tease your brothers and sisters…

Ollie: No, because I don’t have any, too bad. But if I would have had them, I would definately have teased them!

Oliver Riedel


  1. he said he had no siblings so his bro cant be dead or was it meant to be his mother and father are dead but thats illogical knowing that they were close to ollies age
    so old age can be crossed out

  2. Oliver’s a string bean! He’s so tall! Uber-cool bass guitar as well, make sure you come to Canada!!

    Yeah, whoever wrote the article seems to like to contridict themselves.. still, very good info (tho he’s got light brown eyes, not black..)

    long live Ollie!

  3. Strange, it first states that “Has a girlfriend, has never married, has no children”, and after it “He has two children, one of whom is a girl called Emma, and is divorced from her mother. His current marital status is unknown.”

  4. hey Oliver your a beast at playing the bass, I love your basses they are awesome. I am doing a research paper on you in German can you email me facts and info about you, thanks.


  6. Is it crazy at 32 to have a 'thing' for a member of one of your fave bands? I just adore this guy. yum! Hottie and plays a kick ass bass.


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