Rammstein in UK


Rammstein at Wembley Arena, timesonline.co.uk
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In a virtually sold out Manchester Arena (that’s nearly 20,000 people) Rammstein are in pulverising form, the crowd are going crazy, the atmosphere is electric and the firebombs launching from the stage are like World War Three on apocalypse LSD.


  1. i was at front at birmingham and i bloody went for it actually …i did headbang a bit more to combi because i was actually torn between dancin and starin at rammstein.not many peeps went for it and i felt a bit sorry they werent gettin the response they deserved so decided to stop gawpin and just enjoy it as u should.i do honestly feel that the only reason people werent dancin is cos they were scared to miss a trick and were in total awe..its not disrespect or disregard its just pure fuckin oh my god im finally here.peeps near me hardly seen anything cos the front row near rich were gettin hammered by big blokes who seen all the young girls at the front and literally tried to forcibly remove them.why the fuck wud 6 blokes wanna see the front row full of sweaty greasy haired phycos on drugs(u no who i mean)props to all the girls who got to the front and fuckin went thru an ordeal to stay there(and nearly lost their tits) and andy from combi is fit as fuuuuckkk he held my hand for a while and was much appreciated(i was the platinum blonde in black dress)

  2. I was at Manchester, standing near the front. Most of the people around me were really into it. I nearly got crushed we were that into it. Seriously the amount of screaming and jumping about that night… I was exhausted afterwards! Absolutely epic, though.

    And I agree, Combichrist were great also.

  3. Same here, I couldn’t believe when the end came…I’m still living off the memories…bring on Rammstein indeed!! I wanted to see them when they were touring with Apocalyptica, unfortunately I couldn’t make it at the time. Combichrist were a really good choice for their opening act – I enjoyed their songs as well. I only heard Blut Royale before, so was good to be introduced to more of their stuff live. I’m even thinking of biting a bullet and going to Sonisphere, although I don’t like festivals, but might go just to see Rammstein again. I really really hope they’ll come again and that time, I’ll even try to see them in Manchester as well as London if they play all three towns again. I was sitting up by Lander’s side – right off stage, second or third sitting (the S9) tier, nearly at the top of it. Whereabout where you?


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