Rammstein in Katowice, Poland 27 November 2009


After an amazing concert in Prague, Rammstein is moving to Poland to play for an audience in Katowice. The supporting band will be Combichrist (and their setlist is supposed to be the same like 2 days ago)

Spodek (saucer in Polish) is a multipurpose arena complex in Katowice, Poland, opened in 1971 at 35 Korfanty Street under the name Wojewódzka Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa w Katowicach (Voivodeship Sport and Show Arena in Katowice), under which it is known in the Polish technical/architectural literature, and under which it formally functioned until 1997.

Aside from the main dome, the complex includes a gym, an ice rink, a hotel and three large car parks. It is the largest indoor venue of its kind in Poland. It hosts many important cultural and business events. Music concerts are especially common non-sport events. Spodek can hold 11,500 people, although this number is in practice limited to 10,000 or even 8,000 due to stage set-ups obscuring the view. Its name is “saucer” in Polish as it resembles a tilted flying saucer. Spodek is a major contribution to the cultural significance of Katowice in Poland, especially for the younger generations. Source: wikipedia


  1. Hello,
    I was at the show in Katowice. I’ve found a photo camera, setup for Finish language menu. If the owner will mail me at [email protected], identify himself saying the camera type and what picters are on the camera he lost, I’ll be happy to send him back the camera.
    If you heard someone had such accident, please forward this message to him.

  2. The show was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c. The crowd was mostly fans, they were singing main lyrics and enjoying every minute. It was worth to go there from Warsaw (and coming back in night).

  3. so it’s quite small arena in Katowice, but it was better, wasn’t? I was in Prague in O2 arena – it’s for 18 000 people, so it was too big, there were people, who can’t never hear any Rammstein song, lot of them didn’t sing, they only sat and they left their places before Engel!!I’m very very ashamed for these people. I hope in March in Ostrava will be only true R+ fans, because I want to show R+ that Czech Republic loves them!!

  4. Very short setlist, I don’t know exactly, something about 15 songs :(. Effects, flames, emotions over my imagination before… Wonderfull show.

  5. Hey, can someone please tell me: that light-in-the-mouth effect, in which song is it used? It looks sooooo great, one of the best effects ever!!


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