Rammstein completes 20 years of existence!


Dear friends, January 2014 marks a milestone for Rammstein and for all of their fans… the band completes 20 years of existence! 20 years of shows, albums, singles and emotions! And during all these years, these six men always remained together! Thank you, Rammstein!


  1. the Bulgarian Tribute band – RamFeuer already organized concert for the 20-th anniversary of Rammstein from October 2013 u can add it if you want here is the link for the event:

    EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/172122149649306/

    Since 23th
    April 2014 is the 20th Anniversary of Rammstein, their tribute band –
    RamFeuer – will perform a special anniversary show. It will take place
    in Sofia, Bulgaria. More information will be announced as soon as
    possible, like exact date, time and entrance. Rammstein have finished
    their long tours, but RamFeuer will continue with their mini-tour under
    the motto “…wir halten zusammen”. 2014 is a very important year and we
    will all celebrate the 20th Rammstein’s anniversary together. If you
    want to be with us and fell the spirit of LIFAD, come to us !

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