Peter Tägtgren about Lindemann-Tour: “It will definitely happen sometime, somehow”

In an interview with PAIN Peter Tägtgren has expressed the possibility of a Lindemann tour!


In an interview for METAL HAMMER Pain frontman and Lindemann’s partner Peter Tägtgren has put it on record that he expects that there will be a live tour of the project Lindemann: “We have talked about it,” said the Swede. “We have some crazy ideas, according to the motto ‘if we do it, then we could do this and that’. We have a lot of stupid ideas. And if it does not happen in the near future, it happens when we’re old and gray! It will happen anyway.”

Currently both musicians are fully involved in the work with their own bands – Pain and Rammstein – where they are the front-mans. The timing for the release of a planned second album of the joint venture Lindemann would be dependent on all kinds of scheduling constraints.


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