NICKELBACK Frontman Chad Kroeger On PANTERA Concerts: ‘I Want To See It’

NICKELBACK frontman Chad Kroeger commented on the news that remaining PANTERA members Philip Anselmo (vocals) and Rex Brown (bass) will team up...

Rock Concerts in the MENA Region

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is not something we’d normally associate with rock music let alone live gigs. Let’s...

Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour 2023: New dates

Rammstein Tickets have sold at such speed that 6 new shows can now be announced
Europe Stadium Tour 2023

Rammstein: Europe Stadium Tour 2023

Rammstein have announced today the Europe Stadium Tour for next summer!


In a new interview for iRock, former SEPULTURA frontman Max Cavalera talks about the groundbreaking 1996 album "Roots," on which he and...

New Slipknot song – The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

New Rammstein song – Dicke Titten (Official Video) You can also check out this song’s original lyrics and their english translation here.

Most Badass Rock Concerts Ever Held in the MENA Region

While legendary rock albums provide listeners with timeless music impeccably recorded and produced from start to finish, it is through live gigs...

New Rammstein song – Angst & music video You can also check out lyrics and their english translation here.

New Rammstein song – Zick Zack (Official Video) You can also check out this song's original lyrics and their english translation here.

Tracklist of new Rammstein album 2022

Rammstein released list of all upcoming songs (their names), we took liberty to make direct translation to english so everyone can get...