Official Rammstein site confirmes the release

Official Rammstein server informs that (citation): “Now it is announced, and it keeps us bear the next weeks until the release, which date is now set for the 17th of November as well.

The two formats, that already have been introduced, will get a sibling in form of a limited edition. This has been recently worked on.
Völkerball as a high quality photo book with 190 pages in format 27cm x 31 cm will additionally – to the standard and special edition – include an audio CD with further live recordings, which contains the entire concert. The pictures were taken by the French photographer Frederic Batier and address for a big part those areas, which one seldom gets to see. The band, highly concentrated during the last minutes before the concert, the band on stage but also during off-days.”
Völkerball will be released in the following formats (the third is absolutely new one including 4th disc):

“¢ Standard Edition: 2 Disc Set (1 DVD, 140 minutes Live Video + 1 CD, 75 minutes Live Audio).

“¢ Special Edition: 3 Disc Set (1 DVD, 140 minutes Live Video + 1 DVD, 90 minutes Documentation, incl.: Anaconda in the Net + ‘Reise, Reise: The Making Of The Album’ + 1 CD, 75 minutes Live Audio).

“¢ Limited Edition: 190 Pages Tour-Photobook, inkl. All 3 Disc contents of the Special Edition + The Entire Live-Audio-Recordings Of The Concerts (140 minutes) On An Additional 4th Disc!

The price of the third version is still unknown.


  1. hey u guys , i been a fan fore like lat 11 yrs
    love tills act and ayy dam hell ur the best hottieS 🙂 TILL UR A HUNK keep up the good work!! muahhsss nat muahhs


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