New video – Frühling in Paris


I received many e-mails recently regarding lack of updates on this website. Please be advised I am still alive, not under arrest because of copyright infringement or any other critical state.

The thing is that there are simply no interesting things on Rammstein going on. It is summer, have some fun, go outside and visit some Rammstein festival.

There is one gossip: Frühling in Paris could be the next video (source…ehm…ist there any?)

Following video (made by a fan or is it official?) was uploaded to youtube:

And remember, if you have any precious new, submit them via the news submit form.

Take care!


  1. If you have seen them live you would know that on stage they are a show! A fantastic show and this takes time to set up between songs. Any true Rammstein fan knows this…

  2. They took LIFAD out in the later part of the Eastern-Europe tour. I just noticed, that Weißes Fleisch is missing too! :/

  3. I have a question. Have Rammstein performed live any song out of the tour playlist in 2010. They are getting borring?

  4. I do wonder when more dates will be announced…

    It’s been mentioned a few times that they would be in North America in the fall, but it seems more and more likely that it won’t happen. Maybe it didn’t work out with the venues and promoters. :/

  5. @SBASWilliam thanx

    Du Riechts So Gut is new to me.

    Engel is lacking would love to see that song live.

    But they have 2 hours and this list seems kinda short for 2 hours.

  6. 1. Rammlied
    2. B********
    3. Waidmanns Heil
    4. Keine Lust
    5. Feuer Frei!
    6. Wiener Blut
    7. Frühling in Paris
    8. Ich Tu dir Weh
    9. Du Riechst So Gut
    10. Benzin
    11. Links 2 3 4
    12. Du Hast
    13. Pussy


    14. Sonne
    15. Haifisch
    16. Ich Will

  7. He does have some nice cars.

    No news good news I presume.
    Can someone maybe post their latest track listing for the concerts? Any changes since the Sportpaleis show? Gonna see them in a couple of days @ Werchter.


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