Rammstein photobook – LIFAD 2009-2010


Photographer Marc Turner has just published his book LIFAD containing photographs from several concerts during the bands 2009/10 European tour. The 142 page book is available to buy now from blurb.com


  1. @Marc-Yes,I live in Zagreb actually. It was a first Rammstein gig for me (I hope it isn’t last too).
    I was in the front row, directly in front of Paul…with a Rammstein tattoo on my left shoulder 🙂

  2. @HLYNUR No offence taken…I understand that the book may seem expensive, but as I have said before I cannot control the base unit price and I only make a small ammount of profit per book. I used Blurb solely for their bookstore, it made it easier to sell than trying to do it all from my lounge. The project came about by accident. I attended the Velodrom show, took some photos and got really good feedback from photosites I put the pictures on. It kind of steamrolled from there and I went to another four gigs and shot more photos.
    To try and answer some of your questions- I am an amateur, I studied photography but its not my job. I had no press passes and as you rightly said all photos were shot from ‘the pit’. I used a panasonic LX3 camera at 800 iso and there as been cropping and editing work. The book itself is 10×8 with each photo sized around 8×6. There is obviously digital noise (grain) due to the high ISO but I dont see this as a problem and in Volkerball the photographer incorporates ‘atmospheric’ grain. The book contains around 118 photos documenting each song right from Rammlied to Engel along with venue shots. There are a couple of ‘favour shots’ the two girls outside Wuhlheide and some Serb friends getting Paul Landers autograph that I wouldnt have included but hey.
    The photos could have been ‘technically’ better with the use of £1000’s worth of equipment and a few thousand less ‘moshers’ 🙂 but I knew that from the start and to be honest it was not intended for Photographers and to be subjected to pixel-peeping. It was simply a fan’s view of a rammstein gig and I hoped it would appeal to other fans,whilst fascinating we dont see the behind the stage set-up ala Volkerball, I just wanted to produce a book that people could say ‘man that brings back memories’ or to show Americans and those who didnt get to experience the tour this time. If you look at the books copyright page I have listed the camera used and that I have no association with the band and have also been totally honest with questions on Rammsteins facebook page.
    I hope this helps and if you want to send me an e-mail ([email protected]) I would be happy to send you a couple of full res samples.

  3. Thanks again guys.
    @M James – Were you in Zagreb? There are plenty of photos from Zagreb as this was one of the 5 venues i shot at, as well as Belgrade, Birmingham, Berlin Velodrom and Berlin Wuhlheide
    @Danny – I understand what you mean now. I didnt get a flyer this time but I had one from the Reise Reise tour. You send in the form and get back a free 6×4 photo, you then have to buy the rest and put them in a album…I didnt bother.
    @Darthcgb – At this moment in time I will only be selling through Blurb. In order to sell through other outlets I would need to buy the books from Blurb myself and then sell them on, which at this early stage is risky coz I dont know how well they will sell.

  4. As this isn’t an official product I would want more information before I bought it. Those samples show me that the photos are well composed but they’re way too small to get any indication of Quality.

    What kind of equipment was used? I see what could be film grain but then again at this low res it could equally be filters applied over shots from a compact digital.

    Who is Marc Turner anyway? Amature? Pro? How long has he been shooting? Blurb is just a vanity publishing site isn’t it?

    What kind of access did he get?
    At least some of these photos look like they were taken from the Pit, did he also get a press pass for any shows?
    Whole shows or just the first 4 songs until they clear out the press?

    I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s work I think gifted amatures can do great work in photography. But because of the high unit costs that Blurb charge this is priced like a high end photo book and it looks like it is really just a good homemade project. I don’t think that the price of the official Volkerball LE package is a good comparison for the value of this unofficial book.

    Again, I don’t want to offend anyone but you have to be very careful not to missrepresent this kind of thing by accident.

  5. Darthcgb-I only intend to sell through blurb at the moment. In order to sell through other outlets I would need to buy the books from blurb myself and then sell them on, which at this early stage is a risk because I don’t know how well it will sell.

  6. Thanks for the info Marc. Congratulations on compiling it. I attended the Wembley concert and they were handing out leaflets. These leaflets had a form that you’re supposed to fill out and mail with a SAE and in return you’ll supposedly get a photo booklet. I’ve yet to get mine and was hoping this would be it. Guess I’ll just have to keep waiting but in the mean time I can buy this

  7. Thanks for the comments. It was impossible for me to sell the book cheaper, I do not have the backing of a big publisher or an agent so I only make around £5 profit per book sold, and if anyone remembers the price of the volkerball book I think this is quite good but I understand your comment.
    Danny-no this isn’t being handed out at gigs, i have been to 5 gigs to shoot this book and there have been no free books handed out that i’m aware of.
    Thanks again.

  8. Awesome! Anyone know if this is the book the concert goers are getting for free? If so it’s a great freeby when it costs that much to everyone else


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