Made in Germany 1995-2011 tour + Album

Please be kindly advised that RAMMSTEIN have assembled a retrospective of their most significant songs: “Made In Germany 1995 – 2011”!

The machinery of RAMMSTEIN Live is hauling across the whole of Europe, starting 6 November 2011 and bringing the essence of 16 years to the stage. With a completely new show, RAMMSTEIN at its best! The tour will be continued in 2012.

International ticket pre-sale starts 24 June 2011, pre-sale for all German concerts exclusive on All Lifad-members are able to secure tickets before all others for the German concerts and 4 shows abroad (Luxembourg, Vienna, Zurich, Strassbourg) with an exclusive pre-sale starting 22 June 2011 on More information will follow soon!

Parallel to the tour, “Made In Germany 1995 – 2011” will be released – 20 RAMMSTEIN original bests, including one new track, as well as the entire video catalog for the first time on CD/DVD!

„Made In Germany 1995 – 2011″- Tour

11/06/2011 SK Bratislava Zimny Stadion Ondreja Nepelu
11/10/2011 HU Budapest Sportarena
11/12/2011 CZ Prague O2 Arena
11/14/2011 PL Gdanks/Sopot Ergo Arena
11/17/2011 D Leipzig Arena
11/20/2011 D Munich Olympiahalle
11/21/2011 D Friedrichshafen Rothaus Halle
11/23/2011 A Vienna Stadthalle
11/25/2011 D Berlin O2 World
11/28/2011 D Hamburg O2 World
11/29/2011 D Bremen Arena
12/01/2011 F Strasbourg Zénith
12/02/2011 LUX Luxembourg Rockhal
12/04/2011 D Düsseldorf ISS Dome
12/08/2011 D Frankfurt a. M. Festhalle
12/10/2011 D Stuttgart Schleyer-Halle
12/12/2011 CH Zurich Hallenstadion



  1. hey Sinead, settle down, so long as you put the same names on your application as you have on your ID there’ll be no problem! Just go and enjoy, I’m jealous as .. Australia is too far from Germany for a day trip 🙁 Rxx

  2. Can anyone help? I recently bought tickets for Berlin of viagogo. I live in the U.K and am going to be travelling to Berlin just to see them. The R+ website says that

    “Only personalized tickets are released. To that effect, we require concertgoers? first and last names for each ticket. The corresponding names are to be entered in the appropriate field. Personalized tickets entitle to concert-entry only to that person whose first and last names are recorded on the ticket and who can provide confirmation of identity to concert security by means of a passport, personal identification card, drivers license, credit card or EC-card.

    Will they check, will the tickets have my name on, I don’t know I’m so confused. I don’t want to get there and be refused entry. Can anyone help I’m desprate!

  3. My understanding is that this will be a single disc with what the group and or fans feel are their most significant tracks, most likely studio versions. It will come with a DVD with all the videos they have made for certain songs. There will also be a tour to support the disc, where the group will probably play the songs off the disc. What I want to know is what songs are gonna be on it?

  4. apologies to speakers of German, I meant Worte [words], sheesh, that’ll teach me to use a dictionary program!
    Waidmanns Heil7, hope your trip happens, maybe they will come back to oz before then .. I have my fingers crossed!

  5. I hope with all my heart that the gods (Rammstein) will do a few shows in Germany late 2013 or early 2014. Me and my 12 friends depend on that date for our trip to the Vaterland.
    As Rowie did, I also saw them at BDO Perth!

  6. what does ‘cole’ mean .. just a live show? *just* a live show? Rammstein at BDO in Perth Western Australia was just the best live show this little ole grey-haired grannie has ever seen
    expletives fail me, ich hab nicht verten .. and I really can’t spell in German Rxx

  7. I’m sure that I will be attending on the show in Budapest! 🙂 I will by my ticket in next Friday, for sure. 😛 Yes, Pedro has right, this tour will be the best gig what a person ever can been on!!!


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