Rammstein Hilf mir lyrics with English translation

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Ich war ganz allein zu Haus I was all alone at home
Die Eltern waren beide aus Both of my parents were out
Da sah ich plötzlich vor mich stehen There before me I suddenly saw
Ein Schächtelchen nett anzusehen a little box, nice to look at
‘Ei’ sprach ich, ‘wie schön und fein’ Oh, I said, how pretty and nice
Das muss ein trefflich Spielzeug sein That must be a splendid toy
Ich zünde mir ein Hölzein an I strike a match
Wie´s oft die Mutter hat getan Like mother often did
Immer wenn ich einsam bin Every time that I’m alone
Zieht es mich zum Feuer hin I’m pulled to the fire
Warum ist die Sonne rund Why is the sun round
Warum werd ich nicht gesund Why don’t I get healthy
Es greift nach mir ich wehr mich nicht It reaches for me, I don’t resist
Springt mir mit Krallen ins Gesicht Jumps with claws to my face
Es beißt sich fest es schmerzt mich sehr It bites hard, it pains me a lot
Ich spring in Zimmer hin und her I jump around the room
Oh weh die Flamme fäßt das Kleid Oh no, the flame touches my dress
Die Jacke brennt en leuchtet weit My jacket burns, it glows far
Es brennt die Haut es brennt das Haar My hand burns, my hair burns
Ich brenne am ganzen Leib sogar In fact my whole body is burning
Immer wenn ich einsam bin Every time that I’m alone
Zieht es mich zum Feuer hin I’m pulled to the fire
Warum ist die Sonne rund Why is the sun round
Warum werd ich nicht gesund – Why don’t I get healthy –
Das Feuer liebt mich The fire loves me
Hilf mir Help me
Das Feuer liebt mich nicht – The fire loves me not ““
Das Feuer liebt mich The fire loves me
Ich bin verbrannt mit Haut und Haar I have been totally burned
Verbrannt ist alles ganz und gar Everything is burned completely
Aus der Asche ganz allein From the ashes, all alone
Steig ich auf zum Sonnenschein I climb up to the sunshine
Das Feuer liebt mich The fire loves me
Das Feuer liebt mich nicht The fire loves me not
Hilf mir Help me

“Hilf mir” (Help me) is based on the story of “Die gar traurige Geschichte mit dem Feuerzeug” from “Der Struwwelpeter” by Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894). The story is about a girl who lights a match and develops an unusual love of fire (see pyromania). When a flame accidentally touches her dress, she, along with her house, is burned to the ground. At the end she rises from the ashes to the sunshine.



  1. This song has another meaning you neglected to mention. Depression. “Every time that I’m alone, I’m pulled into the fire” when you are away from others you are more likely to let you feelings surface, and fire is the depression. It doesn’t start out as bad, just emotionally interesting, but it gets out of hand and burns you and everything else that you care about. Not wanting to get rid of it, convinced that “the fire loves me” and seeing otherwise. “From the ashes all alone, I climb up into the sunshine.” Meaning when you must go back into public you pretend nothing iis wrong. Just how I see it, but Rammstein has a way of making many different meanings with every song.

  2. The lyrics on this song are indeed pretty straight-forward, although ‘Warum werd ich nicht gesund’ might be considered a double meaning.
    The confusing thing is though, that a lot of other Rammstein songs are incredibly metaphorical.

    @ Maria, 1:42 am on February 16th, 2012

    He is obviously sex-oriented, as his nickname is Fleish-Gewehr. Look up the lyric to ‘pussy’, and you’ll see what it means.

  3. This song is so unbelievable
    I love Germans
    They are not like a lot of people think
    They are very friendly

    Rammstein for ever

  4. All these interpretations are appropriate, just depends on what topic you are focused & what level of abstraction you chose. Sex, drugs, & fire, and the many other powerful phenomena, are fascinating and dangerous. And yes, this song is a beautifully poetic expression of the old adage: you play with fire you will get burned.
    This dangerous fascination is an essential component of humanity; without it, we would not be. It is the essence of “how” & “why”… the compelling acquisition of knowledge and it’s power. At one level, this is an expression of the dangers to humanity, embodied in our own essential character.

  5. Der Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffman is not just a book. It’s an old book for parents to help raise their children. It’s very nice to read, they’re, like, stories to tell your kids to keep them on the straight and narrow. Play with fire ? You’ll die. Suck yout thumbs, someone will cut them of. Keep yourself clean or you’ll die in your own filth. Tease or torture animals and they will bite your ass one day, play with guns, it can be used against you and kill you, and so forth. I read it when I was a kid, my aunt had it, I inherited it from her and it’s pretty scary for kids. Each story has a moral that tells about consequences of misbehavior in an scary way. And the subtitle is “funny stories with amusing drawings”!!!!
    It’s a bizarre book, so it fits Rammstein perfectly.

  6. berry – totally agree ppl read way to much into the lyrics. it is just about a pyro obsession… yep i hear das fuer liebt mich and then das fuer liebt dich nicht.

  7. @Fleisch-Gewehr, actually this is a pretty straight song. The lyrics is based of a novel or something about a girl who developes pyromanic behaviours. Just cause it’s Rammstein doesn’t mean it’s connected so sex.

    Btw, just me who hears “das feuer liebt mich” (screamed cocky almost stuck up tone) and “das feuer liebt DICH nicht” (said in a calmer, more explaining voice)? As if he’s telling himself that the fire doesn’t love him and he’s screaming back at himself that it sure does. ?????

  8. The entire song is a metaphor for sexual experimentation, the fire in this case being the opposite sex. In “playing” with the fire the girl is burned, and crumbles into emotional ashes when the fire ceases to love her.

  9. I lvoe these lyrics. How Till write his lyrics is just amazing. I don’t understand how he does it. I adore that man so much, he’s like a God. And his voice.. It is so pretty!

  10. I took me quite a long time to realise how the lines

    Why is the sun round
    Why don’t I get healthy

    go together.
    I think the whole theme of the song is a metaphor for addictions: the pyromaniac kid plays with matches, and gers burned, just like if you’re addicted to alcohol or to smoking, you will eventually die sooner due to your bad habits. Asking why ‘the sun is round’, is just like asking ‘why don’t I get healthy’, while you’re constantly destroying yourself: of course you’re not going to get healthy if you consume ten bottles of whisky a day, for example!

  11. I went through a small pyromaniac phase some years back. It stopped once I threw a handful of flour onto an open flame in a barbecue grill. Note: For the love of god, don’t do this at home, if you value your eyebrows. Nearly burned them off that way. Fire coming straight at my face – kind of woke me up to the fact that I could seriously hurt myself if I kept doing things like that.

  12. The ‘why don’t I get healthy’ probably relates to the person in which the song is about; questioning themselves. “Why am I like this (Why am I a pyro and why can’t I do anything about it) speaking as if pyromania is a problem. You can see throughout that the character loves fire, but also understands it’s a problem within himself / herself.

    P.S. After reading it again it could also mean ‘why won’t someone help me’ or ‘why can’t I help myself’ it’s not the sentences literal meaning but Rammstein is all about double meanings.


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