LIFAD deemed inappropriate for minors


Please be advised that Rammstein’s latest album, “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” has been ‘indexed’ as it is commonly referred to in Germany, meaning that the album cannot be sold to minors and cannot be stocked on store shelves.

The album will now only be made available for purchase behind the counter at shops that still carry the album. Word is that the tracks “Ich Tu Dir Weh” and “Pussy” along with some promotional imagery featuring guitarist Richard Kruspe spanking a female were cause for the Kreisjugendpfleger (district youth guardian) to act.

With the songs being indexed, the band will not be allowed to perform them live which could cause potential problems down the road as “Ich Tu Dir Weh” was reportedly scheduled to be the next single and a video has already been shot according to band members.

“Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” is the first Rammstein album to be indexed. In 2007, religious groups, child welfare authorities and other ‘do-gooders’ petitioned the Kreisjugendpfleger to hold a hearing on indexing Rammstein’s entire back catalog. The review board dropped the petition allowing the albums to continue to be sold.



  1. I didn’t know who or what Rammstein was until I saw them on Prime Video at the Madison Square Garden show. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I was mesmerized from the beginning to the end! I couldn’t stop watching! Probably because I thought for sure someone was going get set on fire, and later in the show, someone was set on fire!!! I love these guys! I don’t know all of what they were saying, but the way they were playing and saying it was amaaaaaazing! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express myself about Rammstein without an exclamation point behind every sentence! I want to go see them in Chicago this Summer just to feel the heat, but the Standing Room Only seats are already sold out. RAMM-FUCKING-STEIN!!!!

  2. Ich tu dir weh is my favourite RAMMSTEIN song ever… I went to Perth big day out and they didn’t play it… if the government is behind this I will hire Till to burn down Parliment house >:(… but I’m happy that they performed pussy… I was right at the front and got sprayed by the giant penis cannon hahahaha!!!

  3. MBL is so right!! the first thing that came to my mind is how incredibly unjust this is!!! i dont see anyone banning the shit that SHOULD BE FUCKING BANNED. i am of course talking about RAP! (and i mean the modern shit not old school rap) rammstein is sometimes agressive and brutal but in a poetic form and kids have no business listening to them anyways! its not all over the place like fuckign rap is (then again i dunno much about germany but at least here in US you see it fucking everywhere! this is what kids are growing up with! or fucking hanna montana shit) so those fuckfaces need to get a fucking LIFE! and get off Rammies’ back! sorry for lingo i just can’t stand bullshit like that…

  4. This is soooo fuckin bullshit!!!!! The goverment just doesnt now anything about good music: They all try to protect the fuckin children. Who gives a shit. they all start swearing at the age of 6 and have sex at age of 12!!!! Doesnt the goverment have more important things to do!!!! Leave Rammstein alone!!!!FUCK!!!! I just hope that my pathetic country of Croatia doesnt follow the lead of germany or I am going to go crazy and start killing people and to quote Combichrist ” If I start killing people there will be none of you left!”!!! And hell yeah I am going to the Concert and listen to Pussy and Ich Tu Dir Weh!!!!! Cajke sucks (Cajke – the worst kind of music in the world , comes from serbia and kills normal people with its sound) ?ao kurac!

  5. Well yeah this is stupid but they still will play these songs outside Germany. Going to see them in Sweden. Cant wait!

  6. Yes, this is good, because the kids are all so well educated now days, and the song Ich Tu Dir Weh, will destroy them.Bullshit!!
    This is so fucking ridiculous, german rappers do worse stuff, and the youth listens to them more than Rammstein, but did they got banned?


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