Jack Russell about documentary “America’s Deadliest Concert”

JACK RUSSELL discussed in a recent interview the documentary “America’s Deadliest Concert: The Guest List” about the February 20, 2003 tragedy:

“It was hard. Because I always talk openly about what I know about the fire, what happened, and how it affected me personally. And I didn’t want to do anything other than to be really honest and frank and open about everything I know and what I know about the fire and what happened and how it affected me personally and my friends and my family.

It’s a beautifully made film. It’s very well made. The producer was very sensitive in the way he approached the film and how he executed everything. You have to cover both sides of the story. There are people who like Jack, there are people who hate Jack, and there are people in between. So you have to present both sides. And some things were very hard for me to hear. When people call you a murderer or wish you were dead, that’s hard to hear. But I understand that. People experience grief in different ways, and if that’s what they need to get through the grief and feel better, so much the better for them.”



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