Heavy metal Soundtracks in Games

Video games and heavy music have a unique relationship that goes way back to the Eighties. Die-hard gamers have argued that there was no better way to soundtrack the power fantasies of the gaming industry. In this regard, if you love games with heavy metal soundtracks, there are several top-rated options for you to select from.   

You can find classics that gave the industry its own digital dissonance. However, in recent years, a wide range of independent creators have emerged. These developers have redefined games and their soundtracks. Therefore, even your favorite mobile games will come with unmatched soundtracks. So, what are the heaviest soundtracks in the gaming industry?


Mick Gordon’s soundtrack for Doom’s reboot of 2016 incorporated all the frightening excess that made the groundbreaking FPSes unforgettable. Unlike in the first game, Doom’s reboot includes blackened synth, a bit of tech-damaged atmospheric pressure, and earthquake power cords. These inclusions make you feel as if you are in hell!

Coffee Crisis

This is an indie beat-em-up brawler that almost went unnoticed when it was initially launched in 2018. However, its soundtrack is what no one would afford to ignore. It features an original heavy metal soundtrack by Greywalker, a band based in Pittsburgh. 

Moreover, the thrash metal background music blends in perfectly with the graphics and gameplay of the game, which is filled with lots of action. 

Players will not just enjoy the metal. Instead, they have to save the metal from destruction as they battle with aliens to protect the adored Coffee House HQ. Apart from that, you will enjoy some cameos from metal bands such as Terrorizer, Lords of the Trident, Nile, Psycostic, and Terrorizer.      


A dark fantasy FPS goes hand-in-hand with a soundtrack inspired by metal. Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor composed the music in Quake’s soundtrack. Moreover, Quake has all the attributes of edgy, raw, and electronic metal sounds that would get you in the mood for shootouts full of adrenaline. 

In the original shooter, players blast mutated monsters and twisted castles through lava dungeons, castles, and ancient bases. There is a newly released remastered edition of Quake available via consoles and PC. In this fresh release, you can enjoy this iconic soundtrack. 

Killing Floor 2

Gamers, Redditors, and fans highly regard the Killing Floor soundtrack. Additionally, Killing Floor 2 is not an exception. In the game, players team up to battle mutant hordes of enemies referred to as Zeds. As you clash with the enemies, you will enjoy heavy, thrashing guitar riffs that combine flawlessly with the sound of bullets flying in the battle.     

Music by zYnthentic is the original soundtrack. However, you will also enjoy guest appearances from metal artists, including members of the Demon Hunter and Living Sacrifice, and Rocky Gray. You can also be sure you will be at the edge of your seat thanks to a library of licensed songs by bands such as Fit For a King and Impending Doom.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This game is for gamers who love electronic, industrial metal. It features heavy riffs from metal artists such as John Bush (ex-Anthrax, Armored Saint) and Logan Mader, metal guitarist (ex-Machine Head). 

In this game, players assume the role of Raiden, a half-cyborg half-human ninja. Their assignment is to bring down enemies using his high-frequency katana blade. 

Halo 2

Heavy music lovers will find a lot to appreciate in this game. The soundtrack is deftly put together by orchestral numbers from Martin O’Donnel and Michael Salvatori. This FPS of 2004 also comes with original songs from bands such as Breaking Benjamin, Hoobastank, and Incubus. Moreover, the choral introduction theme having additional guitar sounds was created and produced by Steve Vai.    


Splatterhouse is your type of game if you love old-school horror games. This is a beat-them-up arcade game from Namco. Additionally, the game puts the layers against zombies and other deadly creatures. 

Your character in this game is Rick. Additionally, your mission is to rescue your girlfriend, Jennifer, from a grisly end. 

The game comes with music by bands such as Lamb of God, Mastodon, and Five Finger Death Punch. These songs create every metal fan’s dream playlist. The music will inspire you to slice and dice your way through the game. 

Twisted Metal

Energetic car battles are what describe the Twisted Metal series. In this regard, heavy metal becomes the best music to inspire you to step on the pedal.   

The game’s soundtrack is one of the best in the industry. It comprises original tracks recorded by Buckethead and Primus members. Additionally, there are several licensed songs by top artists such as Wolfmother, Iggy Pop, and Rob Zombie.   

Final Thoughts

Soundtracks play a critical role in ensuring games are more immersive. The games mentioned in this piece are filled with nail-biting action. Moreover, they come with heavy riffs and pounding drums that match your thumping heart as you battle with zombies on your way to victory.   


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