Gert Hof: 1951 – 2012


It is with huge sadness that we announce that Gert Hof as passed away, after a short illness, at age 60. Affenknecht sends their condolences to Hof’s family and friends.

Gert Hof
Gert Hof

Gert Hof worked with Rammstein since 1996, playing the role of artistic director and light designer for the band’s concerts. He was also the author of the only official biography of Rammstein.

More information on Hof’s legacy is available at his official website.


  1. in tiefer verbeugung & TRAUER nehme ich abschied von dem grossen zermonienmeister unruhevollen streiter und visionär & lieber FREUND & mein gründervater – GERT HOF

    von nacht ÜBERGRAUT von RUHE BETAUT so zogest DU fort DU winkest im wehn die dämmernden seen im traum noch dein wort im sande verollt die wogen aus gold und winkest auch her DU bist nicht MEHR MEER


    seit herzlich umarmt: liebe NINA
    lieber WANJUSCHA &familie
    alle freunde und kollegen von GERT- HOF produktions

    herzlichst im WALK ON – EUER

  2. My condolences to Rammstein and to Hof`s family and friends!It is sad when someone goes away at an early age like that.And in spe a talent like Hof.Hope that his legacy will go on even if he is not among us anymore.But I am sure he will keep his eye at Rammstein from where he is now!A great loss!R.I.P Herr Hof!

  3. I still have yet to be at a live Rammstein concert, but from what I saw on youtube and fan photos of the concerts, the visual effects were outstanding. Now that he’s gone, I wonder if the band will continue to use his styles and techniques for the set ups, or if they will do something different for a few shows, with special memorials added to the performance. Either way, he will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Gert Hof, hopefully you’ll send a few pointers to possible future techs for the band.

  4. He was an amazing artist. I agree with Spartan – we attended the show at Madison Square Gardens – a real life changer. Gert Hof will be missed – his legacy will live on forever. There is no greater artistic director and light designer out there. Thank you, Gert, for sharing all your talent with us. You will be missed. Condolences to your friends and family…we fans will keep you alive…

  5. He was a great lighting tech for Rammstein… He did amazing job for the Lifad tour with those awesome beams and colours etc Sonne,Du hast,Du Riechst So Gut and more songs… R.I.P Gert Hof


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