German speaking colleague needed

As you may have noticed, we reduced the number of languages in which we provide the news. No more Italian, Polish and Russian. The reason: no people to update it.

What is really surprising to me is the fact that we were not able to find a German speaking fan who would be able to help us with the German mutation of Affenknecht. This leads me to a conclusion that was already confirmed during my stay in Germany: when I asked random Germans if they know Rammstein, they told me yes, but nobody listens to them in Germany, they are more popular abroad.

This might explain our problem. But I don’t want to give up so if you are native German speaking and would like to take care of the dying, let me know (in comments, via contact form, forum, …).

Have a good day!


  1. Hi Guys,
    I am a native German speaker and have been living in the US for 18 years now. I’d like to help you guys out with the German translations. However, there is a small problem. I am extremely busy at work (12 – 14 hours a day and lots of weekends) and I kinda need to have an idea as to the scope of what’s expected and if there are deadlines. I really do not have the time to sit for hours translating and before I commit to anything I got to have my questions answered. You can contact me via email.

  2. FCBGIO: native speaker is really needed. I studied for 13 years and have been working in Germany, but have not the required level yet…

  3. Yeah,me too.But their grammar are very difficult!It is not so easy to translate correctly!Hope someone can do the job.

  4. Ich spreche klein Deutsch, aber Ich kann hilf sie. I only studied two semesters of German. I know basic grammar rules and enough words to survive in Germany. But I don’t have confidence as a non Deutschland native.

  5. It makes sense that Germans aren’t that fanatic about them. I’m thinking about how Americans are with Metallica. Sure, there’s some avid fans but America as a whole is whatever about them. But foreigners go crazy for them, so I’m thinking it’s a trend for countries to take some of their bands for granted just cuz they hear so much about them. Just a theory though.

  6. I always thought that songs sound weird in a native language. That s why when a person translates a song, besides losing its harmony (rhyme and metric), there is something else missing…


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