Frost * Returns With New Studio Album

Frost * returns on 14th, May with their new studio album after a five-year hiatus.

Day And Age is the band’s fourth album, featuring Jam Godfrey, John Mitchell, and Nathan King, and 3 guest drummers: Kaz Rodriguez (Chaka Khan, Josh Groban), Darby Todd (The Darkness, Martin Barre), and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mister Mister). The album also features actor Jason Isaacs.

Jem Godfrey commented on the new album: “2020 was the year of the studio for obvious reasons. As a result, I think that 2021 will be a bumper year for new music, and we are very pleased that we will also ride this wave. Hope this year will be better for everyone. Day And Age was recorded during 2019 and 2020 and features 8 tracks and colorful cover artwork by Carl Glover of Aleph Studios. Full tracklist:

  1. Day And Age 11:49
  2. Terrestrial 5:13
  3. Waiting For The Lie 4:31
  4. The Boy Who Stood Still 7:33
  5. Island Life 4:14
  6. Skywards 4:13
  7. Kill The Orchestra 9:27
  8. Repeat To Fade 6:14

The album will be released on Limited 2CD (including bonus instrumental disc), Gatefold 180g 2LP + CD (with etching on the D side), and as a digital album. Pre-order starts on March 19th. In September 2019, Godfrey and Mitchell rented a cottage in Helford, Cornwall for a week and set about converting it into a recording studio. On the first day, they wrote and recorded Skywards, Island Life was written on the second day. On the third day, the duo wrote what was to become the title and defining track of the new album Day And Age.

The following January, the group opened a new temporary studio, for another week, at a converted Coast Guard tower in Dungeness in East Sussex. “We were 30 feet from the sea, next to a nuclear power station and a lighthouse, in the middle of winter. So there was almost no daylight and the weather was terrible,” – laughs bassist Nathan King.”We wrote Terrestrial and Repeat To Fade in this place, and you can hear the dark, isolated oppression acting on us. The songs we wrote were much darker — the wind howling around the building at night, the power station making a crackling sound, the huge lighthouse next door scattering light in the fog every 30 seconds. It was just great!”.

In November 2020, Frost * released their retrospective compilation 13 Winters, which includes all of their studio albums to date, as well as live material, B-sides, and last year’s EP Others packed into a beautiful art book. Frost * was founded in 2004 by keyboard player and singer Jem Godfrey. The band’s 2006 debut album, Milliontown, was an instant success and is widely regarded as a classic of modern prog rock featuring John Mitchell on guitar and John Jovitt on bass, and Andy Edwards on drums. After this album, the band quickly released Experiments In Mass Appeal in 2008, much the opposite of Milliontown, with a much more stripped-back sound, more concise songs, and a new member and singer in the person of Dec Burke.

A live album, The Philadelphia Experiment, was released in 2009, and then there was a long gap before the third album, Falling Satellites, was released in 2016, featuring a new lineup of Nathan King on bass and Craig Blundell on drums, as well as returning guitarists and a singer. John Mitchell also wrote most of the album in collaboration with Jem Godfrey.


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